The Lowdown on Hair Extensions: Get The Perfect Match

Hair extensions are a quick way to get longer, thicker hair. You don’t have to wait months or even years for your hair to grow to your desired length; simply select a method that suits you and have them applied in no time at all. Providing you’re confident at applying extensions or you know somebody who’s good at it, you’ll find yourself with beautiful, luscious hair. Read on to decide on the best method of application for you, as well as a guide to matching for the perfect colour:

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Different Kinds of Hair Extensions

Clip Ins

The clip in hair extension is one of the easiest to apply. You simply section your hair, and decide which pieces go where. You’ll usually get pieces of different widths in a pack, and maybe even some instructions. Clip in hair extensions are a great way of making a temporary change to your hair. You can buy this kind of hair extension from Afuro Hair & Beauty.

Glue Ins

You can either glue in your hair extensions yourself, or have a professional do it for you. This method used to be quite popular, although it is less so now as the glue can get matted if not applied properly. With proper application you can expect them to last a few weeks.


Bonded hair extensions are applied by a professional to individual strands of hair. Different kinds of adhesives are used to create a natural feel and look. You can expect these to last up to 4 months.

Nano Rings/Micro Rings

This kind of hair extension is applied in smaller strands, and your own hair is threaded through a nano/micro ring where it is then tightened with a special tool. You’ll need tightening treatments around every 3 months, but the hair can last up to 9 months depending on how you care for it.


Your natural hair is weaved in this application, where a weft of hair is then sewn onto the corn row for a natural effect.

How to Match Your Colour

If you’re having your hair applied by a professional, they should be able to match the colour effectively for you. However, if you’re purchasing them from a shop to apply yourself, you’ll need to carefully look at all of the different shades similar to yours to find a perfect match. Some extensions are multi tonal, meaning that they will blend in with your hair nicely even if they aren’t a perfect match. Be careful though as extensions that don’t match your shade at all can look very unnatural!

Cutting Them In

No matter what kind of extension you choose, we advise you have them cut in by a professional hairdresser to get the most natural result. Sometimes, the person who applies your extensions will offer this for you. However, if you’re applying them yourself you’ll want to book in with your local hairdresser for a trim.

There’s nothing worse than unnatural looking, ratty extensions. Follow the tips above for the most natural looking, thick, long hair!

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