Makeup For Women Over 50 – Top Tips

If you are a lady of a certain age, make-up becomes an even more crucial part of your daily routine. The good news is that there are many different tips and tricks you can put into good use in your daily life to slow down the less flattering effects of aging. However, it’s actually possible because there are so many tips and tricks that it can be overwhelming trying to decide which is right for you. To give you a bit of a helping hand, in the following post we are briefly going to highlight some of our favorite tips for using makeup over 50 years old.

Apply Skin Care Products Upwards and Outwards

It may sound counter-intuitive to what you would be more comfortable doing, but if you want to reverse the effects of aging and gravity, applying skincare products upwards and outwards. This will also help to reduce those deep expression lines and that unattractive saggy skin. Whenever you work in oils, serums, and creams in very gentle and sweeping motions, working outwards from the center of your face.

Test New Makeup in the Best Places 

Although you may be in the habit of taking that store tester of makeup and applying it to the back of the hand or your face, this is not actually the best way to do it. Instead, swipe that new lippy onto your thumb and test eye shadow, concealer, and foundation in the web between your forefinger and thumb. This is a more realistic way of testing it and it is also a lot more hygienic. The idea is to test the product on an area of skin that is similar to the area it will be used.

Always Apply That Brow Makeup Before Your Eye Makeup

This is something that a lot of women get around the wrong way, but really you should always extend and fill your brow shape out before you put on any mascara, eyeliner, or eye shadow, as this will provide you with a bigger frame to work from. You may even find that you do not need quite as much eye makeup as you usually use.

Faces Become More and More Asymmetrical With Age – Roll With It

By the time you are in your fifties, it’s time to realize and accept that your face is now more asymmetrical than it was when you were younger. And that’s okay. It doesn’t matter if one brow is differently shaped than the other that one is higher than the other, your bottom lip may be very pouty while your top one has thinned right out.

What we are going to say next may not be what you expected to read or were wanting to read, but it’s time to be realistic. These changes to your face are what give you individuality and personality. It is what makes you different from the next woman. Rather than trying to hide them or cover over them and correct them, why not wear them with pride. Show them off – you’ve earned those asymmetrical features.


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