Mens Fashion Tips To Help You Look Slimmer

When it comes to finding men’s clothes in plus sizes, it all gets a little confusing and a quite disheartening.

The majority of clothing retailers nowadays seem to be tailoring their fashion towards the bodies of those who are petite or athletically built, mainly because it’s seen as more profitable and easier to do so.

In England, the Obesity, Physical Activity and Diet report published by the NHS in 2012, said that 26.2% of the male population are clinically obese. That’s an increase of 13% in just 17 years.

Now like I said, a lot of high street retailers are tending to show no interest in the larger population amongst us.

But do not panic! After carefully looking around online, I’ve picked out some handy ways to help you look slimmer, as well as exemplifying places that have the choice!

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Vertical Stripes

Whether it’s a hot date or just casual wear, wearing shirts and t-shirts with vertical stripes, even if they’re faint, are perfect to give the image of a toned slender figure. The absolute key point to remember again is make sure it fits you!

Get the Right Pair Of Jeans

Finding great quality jeans in larger sizes isn’t impossible, particularly if you’re going for that straight looking figure.

Wearing a vertically striped shirt with a pair of straight fitting jeans with the hem being as wide as the thighs, is the way to go. The problem with jeans being tighter around the ankle is that they’ll give you an hour-glass shaped lower body.

Tailor Made? Well Played

Using a tailor to fit a shirt or pair of jeans to your figure is a great way of balancing up your physique. It’s so much better to pay that little bit extra for a pair of jeans that fit loose on the thighs but come in a little more on the waist, and vice versa!

Floaty, Not Baggy

The easy way out is to buy clothes that are a couple of sizes bigger than yours. But the problem here is that a big baggy t-shirt or jumper will make you look larger and more uncomfortable. At the same, don’t buy tight because that will draw on the fact that you’re overweight.

The trick is to find one which isn’t too saggy on the pockets and falls at the base of your wrists. Tucking it in is the best option, because it looks smart and makes you look more compact. This method, with a thick sturdy belt, will look brilliant and really compliment an overweight figure.

Mix It Up

Wearing a mixture of bright and dark colours can be an effective way of looking a whole lot slimmer. The ultimate outfit would begin with a dark pair of jeans, followed by a coloured shirt or something with a great varied neckline. You want it draw attention to the top half. Effectively, it’s all about symmetry and having a balanced looking body. You don’t want just one area jumping out at you every time you look in the mirror!

Take note of these tips, and you’ll be just fine!

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