How to Save Money on Your Makeup Haul

A woman should never feel like she has to compromise on looking good. It is our right to remain preened, pristine, and positively perfect at all times! That being said, today’s economic climate can make it hard to afford certain beauty products and treatments – this can really take its toll on our appearance. While we know appearance isn’t everything, it sure does make us feel better when we’re wearing our favourite foundation with freshly highlighted locks – so read on for tips on how to save money on your makeup haul:

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DIY Highlighting Kits

You can create the look of subtle highlights from home, just by using a highlighting cap and a steel comb to pull strands through the holes. You can decide how much you want to highlight, and at a much cheaper cost!

Save Your Favourite Foundation

A clever way to use less of your favourite foundation is to lightly dampen the sponge or brush you’re using first. This way, the sponge/brush will soak up less of the product, making it last longer!

Banish Blemishes

It’s easier than you think to banish nasty, red, swollen blemishes. Simply crumble up a paracetamol and mix with warm water, then apply it to blemished areas before bed. You’ll be amazed in the morning, as your spot will be gone. Use this method instead of buying expensive spot creams!

Check Out Eyes Lips Face

E.L.F is one of the world’s favourite bargain beauty brands. Not only do they produce incredible quality makeup, they do so at an amazing price! You can purchase 48 shades of eyeshadow for under a fiver!

Make the Most of Your Mascara

You can get a few more uses out of your favourite mascara by using the hairdryer on it for a few moments, or heating it in a glass of warm water. When you’re finished, keep the wand to use on messy eyebrows – you can even use it with a mascara you don’t think you’re so keen on, as a great wand can make all the difference!

Make Your Own Body Scrub

Body scrub is essential for getting rid of dead skin cells and giving us a glowing complexion. Simply mix 1 cup of coarse sea salt with half a cup of baby oil, and you’ve got yourself a body scrub! Remember to leave to set for 24 hours before using.

Save Coupons

If you’ve got a Boots card, chances are they send you offers and coupons every so often through the post. Make sure you keep all of the coupons and vouchers you get, but remember to use them within the date stated on the small print. You might even be able to find digital coupons by searching online!

Pop Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes are the worst, but never fear; there are plenty of ways to get rid of them. You can use two cooled chamomile tea bags, cold spoons, or cucumber slices to make them go down. Lie back and relax for a little while to let the magic happen!

Give Yourself a DIY Facial

You can easily make your own home face mask using food you’ve probably already got around the home. Mash up a ripe, medium sized banana and mix with 2 spoonfuls of honey. If you want the mask a bit thicker, add a little plain yoghurt. Apply, and then relax for 15 minutes!

It’s never been easier to save money with these tips and tricks!

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