Seriously Awesome Men’s Fashion Ideas For Every Occasion



I don’t often see fashion articles written by occasion, and so this should be a refreshing approach for all of us. Over the last few months, I’ve been reading every single male fashion magazine in the hope of finding out exactly what’s hot, and what’s not this year. With that in mind, spend the next two or three minutes reading through all the ideas listed below this introduction, and I’m confident you’ll have enough information to guarantee heads turn when you’re walking down the street over the next few months. Obviously, we don’t quite know when the weather will improve yet, and so I’ve included a number of warm, spring-style items to keep you all happy.

Shopping Fashion

When you spend the day out shopping, you’ll want to look your best whilst also ensuring you don’t get cold. This is why opting to jump on the 2014 denim bandwagon is most definitely a good idea. You might think blue denim looks dated, especially since it was so popular in the 70’s and 80’s. However, modern designers have created a number of revival ranges you really must check out. Under a jacket and jeans, it’s probably best to wear a white cotton shirt like we see in the image above.

Playtime Fashion

We all like to spend a few hours in the pub at the weekend, and if that’s all you’re doing, you might like to check out the new Oxford-style shirts available from many high street retailers. Also, if you want to appear slightly more casual while still making an impact, perhaps you should take a look at some polo-style shirts from Paul & Shark clothing. These will make you very attractive to the opposite sex, and could even create a whole new image, if this isn’t something you’d normally try.

Restaurant Fashion

It can be difficult to pick out an outfit for restaurants, as you won’t want to risk getting food down your most expensive clothing. Even so, you should definitely wear a fitted suit if the establishment is a little more upmarket than your local Wetherspoons. Also, pick up some brown leather shoes or boots, as black is not a desirable colour this year. Under your suit, perhaps a slim fitting cotton shirt with a different coloured collar might be in order? These tend to make people look professional, without creating that “I’ve just come here from work” aesthetic.

Outdoor Fashion

Whether you’re going to watch the horse racing, or even if you’re just taking a long stroll home, having the right gear to keep you warm and make you look hot is essential. For this, I’d probably get hold of a long, thick, moleskin coat. These are everywhere at the moment, and while you will probably pay more than £100 for a decent one, they’re usually very well made, and so it should last for a long time if you maintain it properly.

Now you know about some of the coolest and most desirable men’s fashion items for every occasion this year, there’s no excuse for not looking your best. All you need to do is head out to the shops this weekend, and start buying.

Have fun guys!


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