Shocking Secrets the Beauty Industry Don’t Want you to Know

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You’ve heard of certain beauty products selling 1 every 3 seconds or selling out within an hour of launching at your local cosmetics store. In fact, beauty products are so popular worldwide that some countries spend more on them than education! We’re a nation obsessed with the latest skincare regimes, lengthening mascaras and miracle anti-ageing products; and we’re happy to admit that. However, read on to find out some shocking secrets about the beauty products you may be using right now:

Do you know what is in your beauty products?

Not everyone understands what all those numbers and letters mean in the ingredients section of your beauty product packaging. Not everyone bothers to read them, either! Extracts from human and animal placenta, crushed beetle, human breast milk and even snail secretions are being used in beauty products around the world. Don’t throw your cosmetics away just yet though, some of these ingredients have been used for years and have been proven to have certain benefits. Some of the laws surrounding ingredients in beauty products have not been changed since the late 1930s, which explains some of the rather odd ones. Next time you go to pick up your favourite cosmetics it may be worth doing a bit of research into what the ingredients are.

Dangerous manufacturing and selling methods

Business is all about profit and the beauty industry is no different when it comes to that ethos. If they can manufacture and sell large quantities of cosmetic products on the cheap, then they will. There has been uproar in recent years as more and more dangerous manufacturing stories came out from the vaults of beauty companies around the world. Although there have been some improvements, due to the EC Cosmetics regulation, there are still too many people being affected by poor quality beauty products. A rise in the number of people claiming for injuries or irritations caused by product products just goes to prove there is still a lot that needs to be done.

Animal testing

Unfortunately, animal testing is still rife in the beauty world even though it has been banned in the UK and European Union. Countries such as China and the United States of America are still testing beauty products and beauty product ingredients on a whole range of animals. Cosmetics giant L’Oreal actually protested against the anti-animal testing laws, even investing in more Chinese animal tested products at the beginning of 2013.  Animal testing is not just about trying a shade of eyeshadow on a bunny rabbit, these poor creatures go through a lot of suffering and pain to test whether products are safe for humans. There are many charities campaigning against the use of this testing worldwide, because of the sheer cruelty of it.

These are just some of the shocking secrets from the beauty industry, although there are plenty more. Next time you spend your hard earned wages on the latest cosmetics make sure you do a little bit of research into their ingredients, their manufacturing processes and whether they are known for animal testing.

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