Silver Jewellery Trends for 2014

Ah jewellery, the biggest downfall for all girls. We cannot seem to get enough of stuff! Any fashionista worth her salt has a collection of jewellery that could rival the crown jewels. If there is one fashion or beauty ‘must have’ that is guaranteed to have the bank manager calling, it is our devotion to jewellery. The thing is, there seems to be limited choice on the high street and sadly, it all starts to look the same. As you well know, the key to any girls style is individuality.

There is good news! Online retailers seem to have a far better collection of beautiful jewellery than what is available on the high street, particularly if you are looking for quirky, one-of-a-kind pieces that are simply unique to you.


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Handmade jewellery is making a big comeback for 2014, with more and more women wanting to adopt a solely individual look when it comes to style. After all, who wants to blend into the crowd? If you are going to invest in a key piece of handmade jewellery this season, check out Scottish jewellery, who have some simply stunning hand crafted items available.

The key to going for handmade is to opt for silver tones, as gold can look a little brash. Cool, and effortlessly chic, you will stand out from the crowd in an instant.

If you are looking for a jewellery style overhaul this season, take a look at the following key items that you need to invest in:

Oversized Cuffs:

The oversized cuff has made a huge comeback for 2014, and it is easy to see why. A simply outfit can be made to look bang on trend in an instant, with an oversized cuff. As previously mentioned, opt for silver tones to ensure that the cuff does not brassy or trashy. An oversized cuff really is the way to update your wardrobe in seconds. Let your wrists do the talking.

Stacking Rings:

Stacking rings are no longer the prerequisite of the student population, now celebrities are taking the stacking ring into their hearts and, more importantly, on their fingers. The key is to avoid looking like Mr T, and opt for a more bohemian look, ala the Olsen Twins. Team stacking rings with a chiffon, floaty maxi dress and you will look like a bohemian princess in seconds. Stacking rings are perfect for your summer wardrobe. Should the boho look not be something you are into, team your stacking rings with black skinnies, killer heels and a black leather jacket for effortless rock chic.


Jewellery that is bent into the shape of flowers is a key trend for summer 2014. The floral is one trend that is seemingly never going to fade, although it does take on a different guise between summer seasons. Opt for delicate, handmade flowers of silver on a simple chain for maximum impact. Avoid diamantes and gems as this can cheapen the look of the necklace and leave it looking less than pretty.

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