The Skin Care Cheat Sheet

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We all want perfect skin that looks radiant and doesn’t need even a dash of concealer. However, sometimes it can feel as though that is asking far too much, especially when spots keep appearing at the worst of times. If you want perfect skin then you need to be caring for it. Here is the ultimate skin care cheat sheet to ensure you always look your best.

Wear sunscreen

We’re not nagging, we promise! However, wearing sunscreen is one of the best ways to keep your skin looking young and firm. You may think a tan looks great on your face now, but wait until your skin begins to sag, and you get sunspots. Make sure you’re using at least factor 30 on your face, if you want to keep fresh. Some foundations also have built in SPF so factor that in also.

Plenty of water

Our bodies are made up of up to 75% water, which means that we obviously need it to be the best we can be. Our skin craves water in order to keep it hydrated, radiant and blemish free. Water also does wonder for things like weight loss and energy levels, so there’s really no excuse not to drink it.

Don’t smoke

Again, we’re not nagging, but smoking is possibly the worst possible thing for your skin. It dries it out, creates spots and will make you look 10 years older. Not to mention what it does to your teeth, hair and nails. If you want perfect skin then cut out the cigarettes and find a healthier habit instead.

Use natural products

Putting chemicals on your face might work in the short term, but it is only going to make you look haggard in the long run. All those chemical peels and non-surgical face lifts will take its toll when you get older, so watch what you put on your skin.Treat your face to something like dead sea skin care products in order to retain that youthful glow.

Keep it clean

It may seem like a bit of an obvious one, but so many of us are guilty of not washing off Saturday night’s make up. It might not hurt so much one night a month, but not cleansing your skin on a regular basis is going to ensure plenty of oil and spots. Make sure, you cleanse your skin in the morning and then again in the evening, to get rid of the grime and dirt that builds up on your face.

Watch what you eat

It goes without saying that if you put rubbish food in your body then your skin is going to show it. Anything that is jam packed with sugar is going to be awful for your skin and encourage breakouts. Fizzy drinks, chocolate, sweets and heavily processed foods should be avoided if you want gorgeous skin.

This is your skin care cheat sheet, keep it close by! The next time you find a spot or a wrinkle come back to this and work out what else needs to change. You can do it!

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