Skincare through the ages


Maintaining healthy skin throughout our life is essential.  Although most people focus on beauty when it comes to skincare routines, it is just as important to consider our health.  After all, skin is the largest organ of the human body and helps to regulate body temperature, protects us from injury and is home to the nerve endings that enable us to feel sensations such as hot and cold.

In our early 20s, we are likely still experiencing outbreaks of acne and oily patches on our skin.  Ideally, this is the best time to establish a good skincare routine in order to prevent future damage and help maintain our skin’s youthful appearance.

It is natural to see signs of aging in our 30s, but some of these could have been prevented with a good skin care routine in our earlier years.  Wrinkles may develop around our eyes and across our forehead.  We may start to lose that youthful glow as things such smoking, late nights and alcohol begin to take their toll.  Dark circles around our eyes, small red veins on our cheeks or open pores around our nose might also appear.

Our 40s can be a time for hormonal imbalance due to menopause.  Skin can suddenly become dryer and show signs of sagging around the jawline, eyelids and mouth, giving a drawn appearance.   Sun damage can cause brown sunspots to appear on our face and hands and wrinkles can appear to deepen.

Prevention of skin damage

Below are some suggestions to help with preventing future skin damage:

Visit a dermatologist for a professional analysis of your skin type.  This will help you to choose the correct products for your skin.  Dermatologists can also diagnose skin conditions, including skin cancer, and recommend appropriate treatments.

Cleanse and moisturize morning and night.  Opt for gentle products rather than those containing perfume or alcohol.  As you get older, your skin tends to become dryer, so a richer moisturizer will likely suit you better than one you used in your 20s.

Avoid prolonged direct exposure to the sun.  If this is not possible, then make sure you cover your skin and wear a sun hat.  Always use a factor 30 sunscreen for your face and minimum factor 15 elsewhere.

Try to exercise regularly to increase circulation which can help the appearance of the skin and assist with cell renewal.

Learn about nutrition and eat a healthy balanced diet to include those foods rich in anti-aging vitamins A, C and E.  Drink plenty of fluids to keep your skin hydrated, avoiding alcohol.

Derma roller treatments to rejuvenate your skin

A program of derma roller treatments will rejuvenate the skin of all ages.  A derma roller is a micro-roller with lots of tiny micro-needles set into it.  It is gently passed across the skin, and in doing so, leaves tiny needle prick holes.  These stimulate the skin to regenerate and repair, helping to reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles and resulting in a youthful glow and smoother complexion.  Though therapists often stock them, you can purchase your own derma roller set for use at home.

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