Stars and Botox; the celebrity fans of this time stopping treatment

botoxOne of the reasons that Botox has seen such a rise in popularity in the past 10 years is the widely publicised use of it in the world of celebrity. Both male and female stars around the globe have come out of the “cosmetic closet” and admitted that they have opted to have Botox at some point in their lives, if not on a regular basis.

This unveiling of celebrity fans has meant that the normal folks who might consider Botox may be more likely to have the treatment perhaps with the thought process of “if it is good enough for them then it certainly is good enough for me!”

But what celebrities are known to proclaim their love of Botox? Who is out of the shadows of cosmetic procedures and shouting from the rooftops its list of benefits?

One big name celebrity who is happy to admit their use of Botox is Kim Cattrall. With skin that belies her years she has been known in the press to confirm her use of Botox to remove the crease between her eyes.

Other world famous names in the Botox list of users are the MInogue sisters; both Kylie and Danni have spoken out about their use of Botox at some point in their lives.

But what about the men? Surely there are some Botox boys out there in the world of fame and fortune?

Of course there is, in fact there is one name that perhaps springs to mind quite quickly when you think of men and cosmetic procedures; Simon Cowell. Mr Cowell has likened Botox injections to toothpaste while claiming that it is merely maintenance; something that he has on a regular basis. Although, that said, perhaps he brushes his teeth more than he has Botox (which is claimed to be once a year).

Another media man who has confirmed his use of Botox is David Hasselhoff, who takes a blaise approach to his choice, stating that he used it to remove frown lines before a film began.

Across the pond Hollywood also has a number of stars that embrace the world of Botox. Courtney Cox is a known user of Botox and sees no shame in it. Her stance is that if it improves the way that the person feels about themselves than that is only a good thing!

Jenny McCarthy also has been heard in the press to speak lyrical about the benefits of Botox even professing her love for the treatment and the results that she has seen during her time having the procedure.

These are just a few examples of celebrities both UK and US based that have been in the press confirming their stance on Botox. There are many more who have been known to opt for the procedure in their own personal fight against aging and those who are believed to have had the treatment but perhaps not admit it as freely as others. 


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