How to Stay Cosy but Trendy During Cold Winter Months

Winter fashion should be all about keeping warm, but many people think that keeping warm will make them look bigger…so they go cold instead. Instead of buying oversized clothes in winter, you need to look for more fitted items that will flatter you. Don’t forget to accessorise either – scarves, jewellery, and hats can all transform an outfit! Here are some more tips on how to stay cosy but trendy during the cold winter months:

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Choose Warmer Colours

You can get away with warmer colours in the cold winter than you would vice versa. The key is to pick bold, rich, hues so you LOOK warm, you don’t just feel it. Different shades or brown, plum, red, greens, and blues are all great. Choosing colours that complement your skin tone and hair colour is a good idea too.

Go For Quality, Heavy Materials

Heavy materials often feel more luxurious than thinner, lighter materials. Suede, wool, leather, and velvet will make you feel like you’re wearing a very expensive item even if you aren’t, plus they’ll keep you nice and toasty while they’re at it.

Take Advantage of Satin and Silk

While you might think satin and silk are more for the summer months, you’d be surprised at how warm they can keep you. The materials aren’t very breathable, so sometimes they can be too much to wear in the warm weather. Purchase something in silk or satin to treat yourself to a winter wardrobe staple that will last the test of time.

Layer Up Different Items

You can virtually layer anything with anything to create a funky, ‘boho’ vibe. Just think of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – they work this look perfectly. For example: wear a long sleeved shirt over your favourite dress, adding tights and boots to make it winter appropriate.

Buy Appropriate Snow Gear

Cold weather is one thing, snowy weather is a whole different ball game altogether. Buy furry coats (faux of course) to keep you warm, and how about some fur lining for your wellies to match? You can even get your child a matching outfit (if you have one)…take a look at these childrens hunter wellies!

Accessorise Well

As mentioned before, you’d be silly not to accessorise your outfit. Chunky jewellery is a great way to funk up an otherwise boring outfit, and a furry scarf can add a touch of luxury to anything you decide to wear. Choose a hat to suit your face shape; fedoras, beanies, slouchy hats, bobble hats…the choices are endless!

Don’t compromise on your style just because it’s winter. As Tom Ford would say, ‘dressing well is a form of good manners’. Choose shapes that flatter your figure; whether you’re naturally slim or curvy there are plenty of styles out there to suit you. Don’t cover up your shape just because you think you’ll be warmer – with a few clever choices while out shopping, you can be cosy and trendy. Have fun putting your outfits together!

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