The Most Stylish and Influential Fashion Icons Of All Time

History is full of people that have changed the world in some way, shape or form. Fashion has been at the forefront of that, with many icons still in our thoughts when it comes to what we wear, how we act and how we portray ourselves.

 Here is a short guide to the most stylish and influential fashion icons of all time:

 Audrey Hepburn

 Audrey Hepburn had a certain elegance, both on and off screen, that was unrivalled during her time, at her most famous.

 Her fashion and style was one in which she created herself, as opposed to many current fashion ‘icons’ that have a huge team behind them, telling them what to wear, say and how to act.

 Hepburn influenced a number of styles that have appeared recently, both on and off screen, including; the button-down, together with long skirt and flat sandals, and the oversized sunglasses (which are widely available on the high street today).

 She was all about style and elegance, creating a casual look for herself, rather than just raw sex appeal.


She has had so many different styles over her career, it is hard to pick out just one. Her style has evolved with her music, and indeed with pop culture as a whole.

 Who can forget the lacy underwear and fingerless gloves worn in ‘Like a Virgin’, or the Gaultier cone bra for ‘Blonde Ambition’. These styles were a shock for everyone.

 However, over the years the shock may have gone, but Madonna always retains are interest. If you are looking to imitate her looks, you should try visiting

 Marilyn Monroe

The blonde bombshell probably has one of the most iconic outfits of all time; the white halter-neck dress. Yes, the one where she stands over a subway grate and a gust takes a little away.


 A star of many films, she had an exciting and illustrious career as well as her own personal life. Many of these films had a huge influence on fashion and style, from the pink satin dress with opera gloves in ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’, to the skin coloured, stone encrusted, dress where she sang “Happy Birthday” to JFK.

 She also knew how to perfect the wiggled walk, and she screamed sexy in everything she did. Monroe is a true style icon.

 Debbie Harry

The lead singer of Blondie sure knows how to rock up wearing something glam. The blonde knew how to rock a dress whilst performing on stage.

Famous for her heels, black denim jeans, rocker tees and ripped up tights and black leather jacket, Debbie Harry is the punk rocker every woman dreams to be.

 Brigitte Bardot

This French fox was very 50’s in her style, and she loved showing herself off in full skirted dresses. However, she had a style for every season and is probably most famous for really launching the bikinis that most women know and love today.

 It wasn’t just clothing that gave her style, it was also her make-up. Famous for her sleepy, bedroom eyes, together with pink lips and curled choucroute hairstyle.

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