The 5 Essential Items That All Men Should Have In Their Wardrobe


It has been brought to our attention that men are often overlooked on Beauty Bloggers, so men this post is for you.  Although each and every man is different and has different styles to the next man, there are certain things that will never fail them if they have them in their wardrobe.  In this article we list some things that if you do not own right now guys, you should consider investing in.

2 Button Tailored Suit

This is obviously an essential piece of clothing, particularly for the working man who spends his time in the office, at business meetings etc.  The two button, tailor made suite such as those found at InStichu, whether you choose to have it in grey or navy blue is extremely versatile.  They can be worn at board meetings, interviews, weddings and other social gatherings and events.

Winter Coat

If there is one thing that every man should have in his wardrobe especially for the winter months, it’s a good hardy, weatherproof and stylish winter coat.  We would recommend that you invest in a 3 ¼ length, 3 button wool overcoat that will see you through even the darkest and coldest of days that winter throws your way!


Now, we realise at Beauty Bloggers, that women probably have a bigger addiction to shoes in general than men.  Having said that, there is one style of shoe that men should definitely have in their wardrobe and should be fawning over like us girlies do with cute pumps – brogues.  The key to finding a decent pair of shoes is looking for one that is versatile to go perfectly with a number of different looks, is made from high quality materials and workmanship and comes from a reputable brand that offers aftercare for your shoes.  Brogues can be worn any time of the year with virtually any style or look, from your office working suit during long work days to your jeans at the weekend.

Sports Jacket

A sports jacket is important to have in your wardrobe as it is one of the most durable things you could own.  We would recommend something like a single breast, charcoal grey wool-cashmere herring bone mix.

Cotton Trousers in Different Colours

This is yet another very versatile garment that will give you so many options when you are deciding what to wear.  The great thing is you don’t have to stick to beige, navy and black; you can find them in a variety of different colours that won’t draw too much unwanted attention for the wrong reasons.  Blood red, emerald green and burgundy are all acceptable.  Matching your sports jacket to a strong and vibrantly coloured pair of cotton trousers will give you the ultimate in smart casual look.

Obviously, there are many other things that guys can and should have in their wardrobe, but the above are our own favourites.  Even if you own some of them already, it’s good to know that you are doing something right with your clothing choices!

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