The Thick, Voluminous Hair Handbook

Thick, voluminous hair is something only very lucky people are born with. I’d give my left arm to be able to whip my thick, luxurious hair back and forth like Willow Smith, but my fine locks just don’t let me turn my swag (what does that word even mean?) on like her. Although naturally my hair is pretty dire, there are some techniques I use when I need my hair to look thick and bouncy, and they do work – even if it just for a short time! Read on for some techniques that I swear by:


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Use a Luxurious Hair Oil

A hair oil like Moroccan Oil can help to get the hair in amazing condition. It looks thicker, stronger, and bouncier, all with added shine. Add a blob after you’ve washed, before you blow dry for the best results!

Use Hair Products That Suit Your Hair Type

Everybody has a different hair type, just like some people have different skin types, personalities, etc. It’s no use using the same haircare regime as your best friend if her hair is frizzy and yours is fine, for example. Workout your hair type, and then buy products to suit it.

Protect Your Hair from Heat

Always protect your hair from heat, whether you’re blow drying, straightening, or curling. Use a spray for convenience, and make sure you concentrate on the ends.

Give Yourself a Bouncy Blowdry

The art of perfecting a bouncy blowdry is tricky, so you should start practicing now. There are many tutorials on Youtube, so get your hair dryer and round brush ready!

Use Rollers

Velcro or heated rollers are both excellent for adding bounce and height at the root. If I don’t use these before a night out, my hair falls flat almost instantly. It lasts that little bit longer with the help of rollers. Always apply rollers to the root of your hair and at the crown of your head.

Try Extensions

Hair extensions can help to give you a lot of thickness, or just a little bit of thickness – whatever you need! There are all different kinds though, so you need to consider which type will be best for you. You can get real hair extensions, which means you can curl and straighten them as normal – perfect if you like to have many different hair styles. You can also get synthetic hair extensions that you can’t touch with heat or they’ll burn, but they already have a style moulded into them. The synthetic kinds are usually much cheaper, but you can sometimes tell the hair isn’t real. You can also get clip in wefts, a half wig, microrings, nanorings, glue ins, weaves, and more! It’s down to you to do the research and decide what kind you need.

Consider Medical Treatment

If you’re having a lot of problems with your hair, for example, if it’s falling out or receding, then you could consider medical treatment. There are hair transplant clinics in Glasgow and many other places depending on where you’re based.

Use some of these techniques above to get the thickest, most voluminous hair possible. How did they work for you? Let me know in the comments!




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