Top 5 Secrets To Growing Old Gracefully

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Growing old is a natural part of life that most people dread. Think of it this way though; had we not developed a civilised society with good hygiene and medical breakthroughs, most of us wouldn’t live to be old anyway. So being here, even at old age, seems a good deal.

Being old is a time of life that can be endured miserably, or embraced and lived to the full.

I’m sure most people have an eccentric granny or granddad that bamboozles them, and they do make life a little brighter for the rest of us. When we look at them we don’t appreciate how fast time passes, and it won’t be long until we are standing in their shoes. I have started to take notice of the elderly around me in preparation for my old age. I am determined to grow old gracefully and only by learning from the people around me will I be able to do it.

Here are a few things that stand out to me, that I intend to change, or go along with, on my journey towards the end of my days.


The thought of losing their teeth as they age is horrific to many people. It may be worth stopping to consider what it would feel like to have only a few teeth left in your mouth, especially as they would probably be painful. Dentures, once this stage is reached, will not be the end of the world. There are people walking around with only one or two teeth left in their mouths, and it looks awful. When the time comes, try to accept that dentures are far better than the gummy alternative. Speak to someone who uses them and they will tell you they are very happy to have false teeth. It is the dentist that is upset.


Regular visits to the hairdresser for a blue rinse to up will be needed for the ladies. That’s not the hair I am talking about. Some men have eyebrows that are so long that they look ugly. Keep those eyebrows trimmed and pluck the odd thick hair out. Ladies, buy a magnifying mirror and take a look at your chins. There are often long hairs that for some reason remain in place. If they were to use revitol hair removal cream, or pluck them, it would be far more attractive.

Cosmetic Surgery

I am all for improving looks by cosmetic surgery. Be careful, however, we have all seen the frog-faced celebrities that have taken surgery too far. Sometimes less is more.


I am determined to ask others if I, or my home smells. Most old people look after themselves well but; you have to admit, some don’t realise how bad they smell. Smelling bad can make people feel uncomfortable and affect your social life.


Behave well and don’t expect special treatment. Don’t complain about things any more than you did in your younger days. I am determined not to act as if the world owes me something.

Memory loss is a natural part of getting older. Old people can easily remember what they had for breakfast fifty years ago, but often forget recent events. That is why I fear that, no matter what plans I make, aging will just take a natural course, and I will forget everything written here. Ah well, that’s life.


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