The Ultimate Lingerie Guide

The word ‘lingerie’ can strike fear into the heart of many a woman. The key thing to remember is that you feel comfortable in lingerie. It doesn’t have to be worn under the sole premise of ‘striking lucky’, it can be worn every day too. People may not know that you are wearing lingerie, but it’s fair to say that you will be exuding confidence when you do.

Lingerie doesn’t have to be scary. Some of the lingerie available on the high street or online is subtle and beautiful. It’s less raunchy and more pretty, so should you have reservations about purchasing fine lingerie, at least you can rest in the knowledge that you don’t have to wear something you would feel uncomfortable in.

Lingerie comes in many styles, so pick one that suits your body shape and style. Most of all, lingerie should make you feel sexy, so even if you think that a certain style wouldn’t suit you, at least try it. You never know, you may feel like Marilyn Monroe once you do!


Bras come in all wonderful styles, colours and fabrics. Styles of bra include:

  • Cleavage enhancing bras – these tend to have maximum padding, but for the smaller breasted woman can give a wonderful boost. For the larger breasted woman, this style of bra can help with support.
  • Balconette bras – These tend to be low-cut bras, perfect for showing your assets.
  • Full figure bras – For ladies with a little more va-va-voom, these bras can be incredibly pretty but offer the full support that you need. Blossom Lingerie offer an amazing range of bigger-bras for the big-bossomed woman.
  • Lace bras – These tend to be padding free, but look amazing
  • Optional Padding – As the name suggests, you can remove the padding should you feel that you do not need the support
  • Strapless – Wearing a beautiful strapless dress calls for a strapless bra.

As well as lace, you can go for satin, silk or cotton – it all depends on what tickles your fancy!


Basques can be a beautiful addition to your lingerie collection. They come in various sumptuous fabrics and styles and can make you feel incredible. Basques can smooth out any lumps and bumps and make your body look incredibly slender, so not only are they super sexy they are incredibly practical too.

Contour Pants

The thought of ‘slimming knickers’ conjures images of big, nude ‘Bridget Jones’ pants. Leave your preconceptions of contour pants at the door, as recent designs have made them much more accessible to the lingerie lover. They come in a variety of designs and fabrics making them a firm favourite with celebs and mere mortals alike. They are must if you’re like me and hate the thought of dieting.

Stockings and Suspenders

When one thinks of stockings and suspenders, you think of old time French movie stars seductively rolling a stocking up their leg. Stockings and suspenders have stood the test of time and are effortlessly chic. For a spot of old time glamour, with a look that is easy to achieve, stockings and suspenders are a must for any lingerie fan. The instant you put them on, sex appeal oozes from every pore!

Lingerie doesn’t have to be terrifying; with a huge choice of sexy, sleek undergarments available in stores and online there has never been a more fitting time to unleash your inner goddess!

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