How To Upstage Your Bridesmaids on Your Big Day

So, your big day is coming up? Congratulations! Although weddings can be stressful, they are also very exciting and special. All brides want to look show stopping on their big day, but one important detail can not be overlooked: you need to look better than your bridesmaids. Of course, you’ll be the one wearing the special dress, but if any of your bridesmaids are easy on the eye, you might just find that you have a Kate/Pippa Middleton moment, and she steals the show! This shouldn’t be an option for any bride, so read on to learn how you can upstage your bridesmaids on your big day:


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Choose Ugly Bridesmaids Dresses

You’d be surprised at the amount of brides that actually do this. Maybe choosing ‘ugly’ dresses is taking it a bit far, but you could simply make sure they are plain and don’t draw too much attention. This way, when you have photos and videos taken, you’ll stand out much better among them. Choosing ugly dresses could spoil the overall vibe of your wedding anyway, so select a style and colour that fits in but isn’t too fancy for the best result.

Don’t Pay for them To Have Their Hair and Makeup Done

Some brides are awfully generous and will pay for their bridesmaids to have their hair and makeup done. Not only will getting them to do it themselves save you some cash, you also stand a much better chance of looking better than them (unless they’re pros themselves that is).

Tell Them How You Feel

You could always be honest with your bridesmaids and tell them how you feel. Who knows, if they’re such great friends they may agree to tone things down about for your big day. Jenny might agree to have her hair back to show off her big ears, while Kirsty could avoid eyeliner for the day, so she doesn’t look so damn sultry. Be warned: this could also have the opposite effect and inflate their egos, while making you look like a loon.

Practice Your Hair/Makeup or Hire a Pro

If you’re confident in your own abilities, then feel free to do your own hair and makeup. However, many brides aren’t, so they hire a professional. The important thing to remember when hiring a professional is that you need to see a portfolio, and select the person who you think can create your desired look. Many brides don’t do any research first and end up disappointed with the results. Have a practice session too if you can afford it! This way, you’ll look amazing in the photos and videos. Oh, and if you want amazing videography, try this company who specialise in wedding videography in Melbourne.

Choose a Dress That Really Flatters You

The dress is going to be the most showstopping element of the day, so you need to make sure that it truly flatters your shape and skin tone. Try on multiple dresses and take photos of them so you can go away and mull it over. Ask the people who you trust most, like your mom and sisters for their opinions.

Many brides have the same fear as you, so you shouldn’t worry. Simply follow the advice in this guide, and you’ll look fantastic!



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