Wedding Colors Trending in 2015


If you are still in the midst of planning wedding colors for a wedding this summer of fall, you better get a move on! Time is ticking and you want the perfect wedding don’t you? While some couples plan years in advance, others only plan 5 or 6 months out which could be a major benefit (if money isn’t an issue!) because you are able to run with trends of the current year. This is never more important when choosing wedding colors for such things as the bridal party attire, venue décor and of course your floral arrangements and bouquets. Here are the colors that are trending in 2015.


Oddly enough, although summer colors are usually bright and/or pastel, navy is a traditional summer color. Many bridal parties this summer will have navy dresses for the bridesmaids and navy suits for the groomsmen. Perhaps because of the traditional sailor suits that women have worn for countless generations, but for sure, navy is a color you may want to consider. Quite often red is used as a complementary color with navy which makes for wonderful table decorations at a wedding as red is the color of passion.


According to top wedding designers, ‘blush’ complementary colors are all the rage this year. Typically blush is a sort of off-rose color with a light rose, cream rose and some sort of teal in the mix. Blush is a family of colors as opposed to a single color and really quite nice for bridal party attire as well as for the aesthetic appeal in wedding decorations. Use these colors in floral arrangements, ribbons and throughout seating placards as well. You would be surprised just how elegant this color combination can be.


For weddings in the summer months, green is the absolute perfect color. It is symbolic of life and when complemented with yellow, it brings happiness and sunshine into the mix. Of course all floral arrangements and bouquets will have a touch of green with the use of ferns, but green also works well for bridesmaids dresses and in handkerchiefs for groomsmen as an embellishment to the tuxedo – forest green handkerchiefs and ties are oh-so-handsome. Green floor-length gowns for the bridesmaids speaks of classic elegance and with a wedding venue Raleigh style, nothing smacks of the glorious North Carolina mountain forests quite like classic forest green.

There you have the top three trending colors for weddings in 2015 so if you still haven’t chosen your color scheme, this just might be the time to do so. Keep in mind that you will want the bridal party attire to complement the colors in the church and in the wedding venue, so make every choice based on that. Start with your ‘base’ color, such as what the bridal party will be wearing and work outwards from there. With the right choice of colors no one will know that you hadn’t planned this happy event long ago. It just takes a bit of thought and some expert advice on what colors work well together. The clock is ticking so make your choices now.

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