What Are The Best Foods For Lifting Your Mood?

Have you ever wondered why you are quickly irritable or easily annoyed? Well, it could simply be down to the types of food and drink that you consume. If your body struggles to process certain foods, you might have food intolerance which can have a negative effect on the way you feel, causing you to feel low or become snappy with other people (find out more about symptoms here). Discovering you may be intolerant to certain foods could help you to identify which areas of your diet are causing problems so that you can change what you eat and boost your mood.



A single serving of salmon provides you with your full daily requirement of polyunsaturated fatty acids. These fats have many roles in the body including increasing the cells’ ability to access vital hormones, such as those that are involved in the regulation of moods. If you serve your salmon with a healthy side salad or with ‘safe’ vegetables like courgettes, peppers or squash, you are creating a balanced meal that will give you the nutrients you need.



Nuts are perhaps known for being high in calories, but as long as you stay away from flavoured nuts then they can be extremely beneficial to your health and your mood. Walnuts in particular are packed full of essential fats that are proven to help lower blood cholesterol levels as well as optimising cell health. Healthy body healthy mind -you are more likely to be in a good mood if you are healthy than if you are feeling run-down, tired and ill. Seeds are also great for providing key nutrients – put together a mix of nuts, seeds, a small amount of dark chocolate and some dried cranberries for a tasty and nutritional mid-morning snack.



Protein-rich foods such as chicken keep your alert and energized which is a great way to pick yourself up through food if you’re feeling low. As chicken is such a versatile food it means there are plenty of recipes that you can try, just take a note of what you accompany your chicken with so that your healthy and mood-boosting efforts aren’t thwarted.

Which foods should you avoid?

Knowing which foods you should eat more of to boost your mood is a great help but without knowing the culprit of your low or bad mood then we risk continuing our bad eating habits without feeling better.

A diet that is high in refined flours – lots of white bread and pasta for example – can cause digestive problems, which are painful or uncomfortable and can restrict your activities. This in turn has a negative effect on your mood, and the way you interact with those around you.

A low or bad mood from food can often be a sign of food intolerance, if you think this might be the case then visitYorkTest, where you will find lots of information about the way our bodies react to food and the symptoms associated with food intolerance. In the meantime, eat regularly, eat healthily and try to do some exercise if you can – a combination of a balanced diet and moderate activity can help with chemical reactions that can affect your mood.

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