What Does Your Signature Gemstone Say About You?

What Does Your Signature Gemstone Say About YouNearly every woman has a “signature gemstone;” a specific color or gem that seems to work its way again and again into their wardrobes. Some women specifically build their looks around their favorite gemstone, whether they prefer emeralds, jade, or blue sapphires. 

Take a look at your current jewelry and color choices, and then learn what your signature gemstone says about you.


The rich, red ruby has many meanings, representing everything from romantic love to financial power. Trust me — a woman who wears a lot of ruby, whether she incorporates the gemstone itself into her accessories or simply chooses clothing in ruby’s striking red hue, is a woman who knows her own power. If ruby is your signature gemstone, you are not afraid to take control: in your romantic life, in your career, and anywhere else you go.


The dark red garnet is the ruby’s softer cousin. It, too, signifies a focus on both romance and career, but instead of representing power and control, does so by way of loyalty and creativity. If garnet is your signature gemstone, you probably have some kind of artistic job or enjoy many creative pursuits. You care very much about your home and make sure it is always welcoming to others. You are a loyal romantic partner and a true friend.


If you think this green stone is all about making money, you’re wrong — believe it or not, the emerald actually represents growth. Emerald is the May birthstone, after all; it stands for the spring, for rebirth, and for fertility. If you wear emeralds, personal growth is clearly very important to you. You may be interested in creative growth, in growing your family, or in growing your career — either way, you gravitate towards emeralds as a way of getting you there.


In China, families give new babies jade bracelets as a way to keep them safe and to bring them good luck. This semiprecious stone, which comes in a variety of colors including the traditional pale green, is the stone of protection and good fortune. If you find yourself wearing a lot of jade, it is probably because you are hoping to ward off bad luck and protect yourself as you move through life. Some people even believe that wearing jade acts as a shield: if you are wearing a piece of jade jewelry and it breaks, it means that the jade saved you from some type of physical misfortune.


Blue birds are said to represent happiness; so, too, does the blue sapphire bring happiness to anyone who wears it. This association with happiness means that blue sapphires are one of the most popular gemstones to use in engagement rings. As Front Jewelers notes, this gemstone is an ideal choice for important milestones, especially a wedding engagement. If you wear a lot of blue sapphires, you value happiness and try to bring it to both yourself and others.


This yellow gemstone represents optimism and logical thinking. It is the stone of the analyst; even women who don’t believe that gemstones are associated with special emotions often find themselves drawn to citrine. Its muted hue means that it goes with nearly everything and is a very practical choice for a practical thinker. If you have a lot of citrine in your wardrobe, chances are you focus on the here and now, and try to solve problems in positive, logical ways.


The deep purple amethyst is the stone of wisdom. Purple has long been associated with wealth, intelligence, royalty, and authority, and the amethyst continues that tradition. If you have a lot of purple in your wardrobe or wear amethyst jewelry, you are likely to be a highly intelligent woman with many leadership qualities. Amethyst also represents stability; unlike other gemstones which pursue power or growth, when you wear amethyst you are happy to be right where you are.


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