What to wear on a night out in a casino

What to wear on a night out in a casinoA casino can be a great place to go for a night out, whether you are going

as part of a group with friends of the same sex, or as one half of a couple.
However you will want to get it right in terms of your outfit, as visiting a
casino is not like the poker tournaments on television, where everyone plays
in t-shirts and jeans – most of them will have some sort of dress code. Most
casinos are more relaxed about this during the day than they are at night,
but most people go there at night! So what should you wear on a night out at
a casino?

Most casinos nowadays do have more relaxed dress codes than they did in the
past – so you will not have to hire an evening dress unless you want to. If
the plan is just a fairly casual night there, then smart casual will be
fine. This means a shirt and trousers for men, and something like a cocktail
dress for women. However, for men going for a night out with the lads, they
might choose to accessorise by opting for a money belt with real or fake
cash (for the high roller look) or a gangster outfit, complete with fedora

However if you are visiting one of the really classy ones in a big city like
London, the chances are you will want to get dressed up to the max.
For men, there is always the option of going for the James Bond look in a
tuxedo, while for women a full length evening gown accessorized with
tasteful jewellery will fit the bill. Finally, if it is a casino party, then
you might want to try a themed outfit – with the aforementioned gangster
get-up being popular for men. For women, the 1920s flapper look is always a
good one to go for, as the fashions of this period never really lose their

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