What To Wear On A Wedding, Everything You Should Know

The wedding season is upon us again. Late summer and early fall are considered the seasons when most weddings happen. Most people have a lot of weddings to attend during these months. It can be your childhood best friend, your colleague, or even a relative who is getting married. It can be quite nerve-wracking to figure out what to wear for each of these weddings, trying to find something that looks elegant and matches the dress code as well. There are a few guidelines to follow for wedding attire based on the time of day for the event. Here are a few tips on what to wear for the next wedding you attend.

Wedding with no dress code

If the invite you received for the wedding does not specify a certain dress code, you should use your best judgment to figure out what to wear for it. A cocktail dress can look great as long as the event is happening in the evening, while casual-chic dresses are considered best for an outdoor wedding happening during the daytime. Your shoes or heels have the powerful ability to make or break your look. You can choose a pair of classy heels to help you dress it up. A small clutch is also considered as a quite classy accessory.

Semi-formal weddings

Semi-formal weddings, just like informal weddings, can happen both during the day and evening. A cocktail dress can work for a wedding during the day for such a dress code. A little black dress is quite a nice option for semi-formal evening wear. Experts at a fashion brand JustFab suggest pairing up a fancy clutch to go with your outfit. Even a nice mid-length sheath dress can look quite chic paired with black stilettos and an elegant hairdo. Wear a pair of nice earrings to jazz up your look even more.

Informal weddings

Informal dress code works differently for both the daytime and evening. For an informal daytime wedding, wearing a sundress can be quite appropriate, paired with a nice pair of shades and heels. It is a must to avoid wearing jeans to a wedding as it is considered quite rude. An informal evening wedding makes way for a ton of flexibility on what to wear. A maxi dress with flat shoes can look as good as a cute black dress with high heels. It is well-advised to avoid wearing sneakers to a wedding.

Formal weddings

The formal dress code for weddings mostly requires men to wear suits (maybe even some fancy men’s suspenders) and women to wear formal dresses. Wearing a nice, floor-length gown can also look amazing for a black-tie event, paired up with fancy jewelry. Formal heels or even some fancy heels can look quite nice for a formal wedding.

It can be quite exhausting to figure out what to wear for each and every wedding during the wedding season. Most weddings do not have a certain dress code, but it’s always best to be on the safe side and dress right for the occasion.

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