Why Are Lash Extensions So Popular in the UK?

A woman called Anna Taylor was the first person to receive a patent in the United States for her false eyelashes design. That was back in 1911. We bet you didn’t realise that was how old they actually were. She probably didn’t realise quite how successful and popular her novel idea would be around 100 years later.

The interesting thing is that while there has been a definite boom in the popularity of eyelash extensions recently, the concept of enhancing your own lashes existed thousands of years previous to Ms Taylor’s invention in Ancient Egypt. Back then it was both women and men who used specially formulated ointment to add embellishments to their lashes. Back to the more recent past of the ’60s and models like the UK’s Twiggy really kicked off the trend of false eyelashes.

The problem with the eyelashes of the past was that they didn’t stay on long and cost a lot. Moving forwards 30 or so years and it was very easy to find fairly cheap falsies. However, these were far from natural-looking.

Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Everything changed when semi-permanent eyelash extensions were first introduced in 2004. These were not only time-saving and affordable ways to embellish your lashes but also offered a more natural and superbly stunning look.

Thus, Their Popularity Soared

Since 2004, there has been a gradual, but steady increase in the popularity of lash extensions and it’s not hard to see why. There are many eyelash extension artists in the UK. Not only is it an affordable and quick way to give your look some real flair, but there are also further benefits, including the following:

Boast to Self Confidence – having great eyelashes is not the ultimate solution to self-confidence issues. We’re not going to even try to pretend that. However, what we are going to say is that if your eyes are even a little part of why you are not as confident as you could be, then

Saves Effort and Time – It has already been touched upon, but while there are some days when you don’t mind putting in real effort to make your lashes and everything else look spot on, there are other days when you just want to look fab without any effort. That’s when lash extensions come in.

They Are Glam – this may seem rather obvious, but if you want to look a bit extra…everything, then you need to make sure your lash game is on point. Rather than spending a fortune or sitting for hours in a salon, you can simply put lash extensions on, and you will be every bit the glam superstar you feel on the inside.

No Need For Mascara – mascara has its place. We all know that. However, on hot and humid days, do you really want to go to all the effort of layering up your mascara carefully only for it to be sweated out leaving you looking like a panda? With lash extensions, you can have the effect of having eye makeup without actually applying any additional product other than the lashes themselves.


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