Why we are loving Oilcloth in 2014

old bag cosmetic bagOilcloth in recent years has become a very popular material with the emersion of companies like CathKidson and The Old Bag Company who create their ranges from this fantastic fabric.

Traditionally oilcloth, before the Macintosh, was one of a few materials that was waterproof, flexible, widely available and inexpensive compared to leather, which was very expensive in large sheets and needed regular oil treatment, especially if the leather got wet. Nowadays oilcloth is widely used in fashion for bags, coats and tablecloths because of its waterproofing and robustness.

The popularity of oilcloth with women has only increased as people have been more aware of buying items that will last longer, are stylish and are practical. With this increase in popularity, the ranges of oilcloth products and designs available have improved and become more extensive which has only added to the love for oilcloth.

Top 3 oilcloth products for 2014

The following 3 products are must-haves for women in 2014 to add to their collection or their homes if they don’t already have them.

1. The oilcloth cosmetic bag

Fed up with your cosmetics being loose in your handbag? Want a cosmetic bag that is not only stylish but also waterproof and small? The Old Bag Company has just bought out a cute polka dot matt oilcloth cosmetic bag to add to their oilcloth bag range. It has a gorgeous waterproof lining and pockets to compartmentalise your makeup from your toiletries. It is quite rare to come across a cosmetic bag that is both functional and good-looking to take with you on your travels and to use at home to store your personal toiletries. It is the perfect size to have in your handbag so your cosmetics can always be to hand.

2. The perfect oilcloth handbag

Fed up with having to replace your handbag every year because it just can’t handle the use? Then an oilcloth handbag is for you. They are very useful to take with you everywhere! Due to their waterproof nature you can use your bag in all weathers and put on the floor in the knowledge that you can always wipe clean your bag if it gets dirty. There are a wide range of styles and colours available including varying degrees of “shine”.

3. Your tablecloth

Tablecloths used to be portrayed as the item that was outdated and bought by housewives, but with the revival of vintage and outdoor living, a stylish tablecloth is a great way of protecting surfaces from spillages and bringing the summer inside or outside. Create the sense of summer picnicking by protecting your table with an oilcloth tablecloth. Oilcloth is so robust that they will last a long time, can be used many times, easy to wipe-clean and store. Unlike cotton or other fabric tablecloths, there is no danger of oilcloth from getting stained or damaged. The range of designs to choose from is so extensive there is something for every taste.

Article written by The Old Bag Company, we have a passion for all things oilcloth including our handbags, baby changing bags and cosmetic bags to name a few.

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