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As the summer gets into full swing, you may be searching for a brand new look to take you through the next couple of months. From perms and straighteners to highlights and lowlights, it’s time for a whole new you this summer! Dare to do something different and think outside the box when it comes to your hair.


When considering which look to go with, consider the fact that the sun lightens up your hair naturally through the sunny months of summer. If you are normally a blonde who colors her hair, you may want to tone down the blonde color at this time to avoid a brassy look. The sun will lighten any color a shade or more, so factor that in when choosing your next box of color or when visiting the salon. Your hair dresser can give you suggestions on exactly the right shade for you. If you swim in the pool a lot, you probably know the chlorine can give your locks a greenish tint. There are products you can use to offset that change in color. It’s important to remove coppery tones from your blonde hair through lowlights, says Glamour magazine. Highlights can be used to pick up those wispy blond locks you want to bring out, with underlying tones of light brown or even black, depending on how daring you are. Thinking of a perm for the summer? Think relaxed, wavy styles rather than tight curls, says Teen Vogue. The summer is not the time to get your hair straightened or to regularly use your flat iron. It may start off looking great but as soon as you step out of the house and into the humid air, it will start to frizz up and all your hard work will be lost. If you’re really determine to straighten it, you’ll have to double up on product to keep it sleek and smooth.

Hair Styles

The summer of 2014 is the summer of the low pony, continues Glamour. This sleek look is both practical and informal, perfect for the beach, the office, shopping or the night clubs. Gently move your pony back and forth before you tighten it with an elastic so you get a softer, less severe, look. Pull out wispy bits of hair to frame your face and soften the look further. Another popular look this year? Soft face-framing waves for a casual, almost mermaid look great for long hair.

Take Action

As we age, it’s normal for us to lose some hair—and it doesn’t just happen to men either. There are many reasons why women lose their hair, most likely from the decline in hormone levels that come with menopause, according to the American Hair Loss Association. Don’t despair. There are female hair loss solutions available to you so you can look and feel great as the summer goes on.

When it comes to summer makeovers, the key is manageability and versatility. This is not the season to get too elaborate. The last thing you want to do after a day on the beach is spend time under a hot dryer and curling iron. Treat your hair right this summer and have fun with it!

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