4 Great Wedding Gift Ideas


Whenever a friend or relative gets married and you are to go to the party itself, there comes a time in the preparation process where all friends and relatives scrabble and panic about wedding gifts to give the happy couple. With a huge choice of gifts and presents out there, it might seem like an easy task, but to give a heartfelt gift that is both unique to the couple and helpful in a practical sense can take a long time to get just right.

Whether you personally knew the couple for a long time, or you’ve married in to this family yourself and you’re not quite sure of their likes and dislikes yet, one good way of gleaning what they might like is asking them or at least asking people close to them. If those options are unavailable, why not take a look at our four great wedding gift ideas, as a means of inspiring you to find the perfect gift for the newlyweds?

Romantic Dinner/ Dinner Cruise

An evening on the Thames, or an evening at a stylish new restaurant in town – depending on which one sounds more attractive to the happy couple – can make a fantastic wedding present. It is thoughtful and can create some good memories and can be used at any time. A lot of people might want to scout out the restaurant beforehand, but trying something new as a couple will be a great opportunity to start building memories as partners, and can also mean a good start or end to a honeymoon. Plus if the couple has any young children, it would mean a lot for them to have some quality time together while an older relative or friend takes care of the kids.

Spa Day/ Massage

While stereotypically more for the bride than the groom a day at the spa can be good for anyone’s health. Spa days allow you to take time out of your busy schedule to just relax and let your body and your mind have a day off. They often provide special sessions that will help with aching muscles, help to reduce stress and improve sleep. Spa days and massages can also really help with problem solving, as a day away from it all just to relax, can leave your mind and body feeling refreshed and more ready to tackle any problems coming your way.

Personalised His and Hers Goblets

Or ‘his and his’ or ‘hers and hers’ goblets. Why goblets and not wine glasses or flagons? Goblets are a little bit more ‘regal’. Goblets are a little eccentric and humorous, while at the same time can a make a beautiful gift that can be treasured. By inscribing your happy new couple’s names in the goblet, they have something personal to remember the wedding and they each have their own. The goblets can be used in day to day living, can be brought out on special occasions or even put on display as a sort of trophy. They are versatile and a little bit geeky, and a lot of couples appreciate that.

Something Practical

They’ve got the something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue now is the time to give them something practical that they can use for years to come. Practical gifts, while a little unimaginative, are a great way of showing your love for the happy couple, particularly if they are just about to move in together. Gifts that have a use for them are often appreciated, so any sort of appliance that they will have need for (kettle, toaster, blender etc.) will be a good idea. If you’re not sure what to get them, have a chat with some of the other wedding guests just to make sure that you don’t buy them the same thing.

It can be as little or as large as you like, at the end of the day what means the most to anybody receiving a gift is that it is a gift from the heart. Give something that you know they will get a good use out of, or something that will make them laugh. Give them great memories to pass on to their children, or a joke that has special significance to them and them only. After all, everyone loves a friend who can make you laugh! But don’t go crazy with the joke presents, make sure it is all in good taste. They will still expect some level of decorum on their wedding day at least. Best of luck!

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