5 Benefits Of Using a Bath Bomb

Are you a big fan of having a bath? It does seem that many people have no time for enjoying a nice soak in the tub, opting instead for a quick hot shower. However, the fragrant bath fizzy you get from a bath bomb could be reason enough to make time in your busy schedule to soak in the bath,

Are bath bombs just a fun gimmick though or are they beneficial? We feel that the latter is closer to the truth. They are definitely gimmicky, of course, they are – they fizz away and scuttle along the surface until they dissolve completely into the water.

However, as we will show you from the following article, they offer some great benefits too.

Help You to Maintain Healthy Skin

In a bath bomb, there are softeners and emollients that turn your bath water into an indulgent and relaxing moisturizer for your skin. So, although it will help to clean your skin, it will also leave it silky, supple and extremely soft.

Vegan-Friendly and Natural Ingredients

Compared to many of the other bath additives and accessories you can buy these days, a bath bomb usually contains completely natural and chemical-free ingredients that are also vegan-friendly.

As well as not irritating your conscience, a bath bomb won’t irritate your skin either.

Turns Bath Time Into A Relaxing and Therapeutic Me Time

With a bath bomb in your tub, you can instantly set a nice relaxing and therapeutic atmosphere. Once you start it fizzing away, bath-time becomes a luxurious ‘me time’ that can help you unwind from the day or week’s events.

Healing Capabilities

Virtually all bath bomb manufacturers use citric acid and sodium bicarbonate to make their products. These are the very ingredient that creates the fizzing effect that makes a bath bomb fun. However, these two ingredients and the minerals used in a bath bomb do more than just fizz in water and make it smell nice, they clean and deodorize you, that much you probably know. However, did you know they can help to strengthen your blood vessels and repair skin? That’s right, thanks to these two ingredients a bath bomb can leave you looking and feeling healthier than you did before getting into the bath.

More Than Just a Nice Smell

The scent is usually what determines the particular bath bomb a person might buy. However, the scents also can be used to enhance your mood. For example, if you tend to use a bath bomb in the morning before starting a busy day at work, you would be better choosing a citrus scent, as it will help to wake up your sleepy head and mind as well as your tired skin.

However, if you have your bath at night, you should choose something like lavender or another scent that can have a calming and relaxing effect that puts you in the right mood for bed.

If you are already a convert to the simple joy of a bath bomb to elevate bath time beyond a mere hygiene exercise, we hope you continue. If however, you have yet to give it a try, we hope the above has convinced you to invest in a bath bomb, even if it’s just the once.

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