5 Lip Fillers Myths Busted



Plumping up your lips with fillers can be the perfect way to achieve the look of any Instagram model. After all, larger lips not only look more luscious, but they appear striking in any colour of lipstick. This is why you need to be certain that any rumours that you have heard about lip fillers are all false. Here are some of the best rumours that are clearly old wives’ tales.

Lip Fillers are Permanent, Mistakes are Forever.

One of the biggest concerns you may have is about what to do if your surgeon makes a mistake during the injective treatment. Or, perhaps what to do if you suffer an allergic reaction to the Hyaluronic Acid within the injection. One of the most frightening rumours about Lip Fillers is that they are completely permanent.

This is simply not true. As long as you have your treatment with a surgeon, and not with a beautician, they will have the experience and training required to reverse the procedure. Should your treatment cause inflammation of the lips, then your doctor will prescribe you medication to assist with any pain or swelling. They will also dissolve the Hyaluronic Acid and Fillers that have been injected into your lips.

Fillers are for Middle Aged or Old Women

Once you have picked the correct surgery to undergo your treatment, such as Lip Fillers in London from Ten Dental, then you may start to feel uncomfortable about undergoing the treatment, due to your age. But Lip Fillers are not just for the older generation. Instead, you should consider them when you are over 20 years old, as not only will they stagnate the effects of aging, but they are perfect for highlighting the contours and shape of your face.

My Lips will look unnaturally big with Fillers

With the natural assumption that all Fillers are used to enlarge the shape of your lips, this can lead to many potential clients worrying that their lips will lose all shape and look unnaturally large on the face. However, this is not true. Whilst some clients do use Fillers to enhance the size of their lips, others use them to fill out different areas of their lips, such as their “cupid’s bow”, or perhaps a lip point that is slightly askew.

Lip Fillers are solely for people with small or thin lips

As mentioned previously, Lip Fillers are not solely for patients that want to concentrate on the size of their lips. They are for contouring the shape and volume of the lips, to make sure they have an even and plump finish. Not all clients need to have a small or thin lip to use lip fillers – only those that are looking for fuller and more defined lips.

Having Lip Fillers is extremely painful

Most Surgeries use a form of anaesthetic, such as numbing cream, in order to soothe the lips and nerves during and after treatment. This is why injection lip fillers is not actually a painful process. If you do feel any sort of pain, it will merely be a pinching sensation. The moment you feel pain is when you need to tell your surgeon. They will then correct the procedure to ensure that you no longer feel any pain.

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