7 Tips For A Truly Flattering Plus Size Style


We hear the word ‘flattering’ all the time, but often struggle to find clothes that we really think look good on us. Here’s a definitive guide brought to you by Lovedrobe to finding and wearing plus size clothes that will make you look and feel amazing.

What is flattering?

What do you consider ‘flattering’? Clothes that enhance your curves, or cover them up? ‘Flattering’ is a subjective word when it comes to fashion because everyone has such a different idea of what looks good. So the first thing to remember is that ‘flattering’ is whatever you think looks good on you, then you can go about finding it.

Wear the right size

The best way to flatter any figure is simply to wear clothes that fit perfectly. Avoid the temptation to squeeze into a smaller size or hide in a larger one and know your measurements. That way if you’re shopping online to can refer to the size chart rather than relying on dress sizes. There are great ranges of plus size clothing out there by with brands like Lovedrobe, so finding the right size is just a matter of browsing.

Choose the right underwear

A great outfit always starts with great underwear as it will give you the right support and create a sleek silhouette that will look great no matter what you wear. Check out these great shapewear tips to help you find the perfect underwear for any outfit.

Figure-hugging vs figure skimming

There are two routes we all tend to go down when we get dressed; figure hugging and figure skimming. Figure-hugging styles cling to every curve, like shift dresses and pencil skirts. Figure-skimming are loose-fitting a skim over your curves, like tunics and kimonos. Don’t be fooled into thinking one is more flattering than the other, they both are, so which route you take depends on your mood and what makes you comfortable.

Illusion dressing

For some the notion of flattering simply means clothes that appear to magically sculpt your curves into the perfect hourglass shape. There are lots of plus size dresses out there that can do just that with the use of cleverly placed panels in contrasting colours or fabrics.

All in the details

We all have bits of our bodies we like more than others, so look out for styles that highlight the bits you like and hide the bits you don’t. Dipped hems and angel sleeves are great examples of on-trend design features that will boost your body confidence.

Throw out the rule book

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t wear horizontal stripes, bold prints or bright colours. They can all be incredibly flattering so if you’re used to wearing head-to-toe black try stepping out of your comfort zone – you might surprise yourself!

Confidence is key

Whatever you wear, confidence is the best accessory. Experiment with different styles to find something you feel really good in, and watch your confidence soar!

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