Bangin’ Bangs: Find Your Best Style!


You’re ready to update your hairstyle, but not sure about the right look. What about bangs? Bangs are a multi-faceted way to soften your features, yet add some pizazz and edge all at the same time.  They can also enhance any face shape – if you wear them the right way! Here are some ideas for bangin’ bangs, including which face shape can pull them off.

The Lash Grazer

Falling right at the eyelashes with a downwards angle right at the temples, these bangs add mystery with just a hint of attitude. Super dramatic, they will definitely be the focus of your entire hairstyle.  And, since the fringe is blunt and heavy, it will add width. This bang look is best for heart-shaped and oval faces and thick hair textures.

The Arched Bang

Boho is all the craze this summer, so it stands to reason there is a bang look to match the trend.  This is a lighter look of the lash grazer.  Trimmed with a razor, the bangs are cut in two sections – one that falls directly over the forehead, and then longer layers on the sides that blend nicely with the rest of the hair. This style is also great for oval faces.  If you are worried about covering up a few early signs of aging, the arched bang perfectly camouflages the forehead and the corners of the eyes – potential trouble spots for many women.

Above the Brow

Perfect for round or square faces, this choppy, short style gives round faces structure, and can soften square jawlines.  Above the brow bangs will bring attention to the eyes and flatter wider face structures. Looking for a more youthful look? Try angling the bangs from the middle, and getting slightly longer as you head towards the temple.  If you are ready for a more severe and fashion forward look, channel your inner pin-girl and do the opposite – with longer locks in the middle moving upwards as they graze the sides.

Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs suit every face shape as well as every hair length. They are the great all-around bang. You can rock them with short hair, long hair, pixie cuts, and bobs. Bonus? These classic bangs never go out of style.  If you are pressed for time, these bangs are perfect for women who don’t have the time to run to the salon every few week for trims. Get them cut and they grow beautifully and can easily blend into longer layers.

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So there you have it! Several bang styles that work with all different face shapes. Bangs are stylish, sexy, and can shave years off your look. Whether your best face feature is your eyes, lips, or cheekbones, there is a bang style that will frame the face and accentuate exactly what you want, in just the right way.

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