Beginner’s Steps Towards Creating your own Fashion Label


With the success of DIY selling networks like Etsy and Artfire, fashion designers (both professional and amateurs) have found the perfect niche market to sell their creations. Today, anyone can create their own online store for their new fashion label, and sell their beautifully created garments to all corners of the world. No longer is it necessary to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to become a true fashion designer. Today, all you need is motivation, desire and the drive to start your own DIY fashion label from the ground up.

So what are the first steps towards becoming a legitimate fashion designer with your own label and store? Let’s take a look at how it can be accomplished, step by step.

1) Develop the perfect logo and name

An attractive logo and name can make your store and label stand out from all the rest. Options are endless and should depend on your personality, aesthetic and your intended clientele. For example, if you are looking to create a children’s fashion line, a fun, simple brand name and cute logo will immediately create the right impression. On the other hand, a more elegant brand will require a delicate brand name and logo that instills a sense of luxury. It’s advisable to work with an expert, especially when designing a logo. Hiring a graphic designer is a worthy investment that can be acquired for relatively cheap, starting at about $100.

2) Create your products

Now is the time to create your garments. Design a variety of pieces that represent your aesthetic and will bring interested clients to your shop. Make sure that any pieces you create can be replicated easily, so you can handle additional orders that come in. Always keep your intended clientele in mind and stay true to your brand. Keep in mind your expenses and your intended price range, and keep track of all detailed information you need for garment descriptions on your online shop.

3) It’s all about the photography

Photography can make or break an item. No matter how beautiful your designs, if they don’t photograph well, it’s close to impossible to make a sale. When it comes to online shopping, clients base their decision on how the garment looks in the photograph. Use a good quality camera, learn how to take good-looking photos, and use whatever props are necessary to make the picture more attractive. Online tutorials from photographers who show DIY fashion designers the tricks of the trade are very helpful in this regard.

4) Brand your outfits

Every garment you design and every sale you make needs to be defined as part of your fashion label. It’s important that your items be recognized as your own. For starters, create your own personalized clothing tags to sew into each item. They are affordable and easy to create online using your brand’s colors and logo. Another nice touch is to send a thank you card with any purchased items, and you can even include discount coupons in the card to entice a client to make another purchase.

5) Open an online store

Now comes the time to decide where you want to sell your items. There are a variety of options depending on where you feel comfortable selling your items and beginning your selling experience as a fashion designer. DIY stores like Etsy are easy to set-up and already have millions of clients in their database, so it could be a good starting point for those less tech-savvy.  However, it’s also very competitive, with thousands of other DIY fashion designers already selling their items.

Another option can be using an e-commerce platform that comes with pre-built templates and easy drag-and-drop features, but it’s important to note that the majority of these may require a commission on sales and/or monthly fee. Alternatively, you can hire a web designer to create a beautiful, personalized e-commerce site. This is an expensive option and should only be considered when it becomes an affordable and worthy investment.

The most important step in creating your fashion line? Taking the big leap forward! Nowadays, if you strive to become a fashion designer and sell your garments online, it’s in-reach. There is no better time to get motivated than now!

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