What should you wear when you’re going for a jog?




Regular exercise lifts your mood and boosts your mental activity. It is actually important for us to spare at least 30 minutes in a day for a good work out. Each one of us have a different fitness regime, for me running works really well. It gets me out into the fresh air, and is great for socialising too.

Running has helped to keep me in shape as well as stay fit, over the years and I make sure that I take out some time regularly for a good run!

What you wear while running is important too. The more comfortable you are in your running clothes, it’s more likely it is that you will enjoy your run, and stay out for longer.

The right trainers: A good pair of trainers is really a must have if you are planning to take up running regularly. After all, if your feet are not comfortable, you will not get far. Good running shoes provide good support, and allow your feet to be comfortable.

Tops: Go for sweat shirts. If you are going to be jogging in different weather conditions, layers are the answer. For hot days, vest tops are good, on slightly cooler days a short-sleeved t-shirt is a better option. These sweats shirts are available in funky neon colors and you might just end up looking cute in them!

Bottoms: You could either go for shorts, sports leggings, or joggers. Make sure that they fit well at the waist, and ensure that the legs are not too loose. Sweat pants are best choice for running or any form of work out.

Whether you are looking to shed some kilos or improve on your cardiovascular fitness, there are a number of health benefits when it comes to running or jogging. Once you are done for the day take some time off to relax yourselves and your muscles. Drink some juice and do some mediation. You could also indulge into some online games such as bingo or poker. Click here to play bingo games at BingoDiamond.

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