Brilliant Buffet Ideas

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Have you agreed to host a large party? This can either create enormous anxiety or positive anticipation. Whether you’re an experienced or novice host, serving a large crowd with a buffet can be quite simple. Follow these recommendations by renowned party planner to ensure our event is a huge success.

Secure the date and send invitations either printed or electronically to the guest list. Include contact and a respond by date on the invitation. Once the headcount is secured, you can begin the menu planning. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and plan a fabulous meal around the terrific selection of meats available from Omaha Steaks. This will certainly be a crowd pleaser. If you’re not a grill master, feel free to recruit one of the guests in advance. Everyone likes to help!

For the remaining items on the menu, plan to prepare recipes that you’ve mastered in the past. Select dishes that can be prepared well in advance. You certainly don’t want to be in the kitchen slicing vegetables as guests are arriving. Plan to prepare the buffet table the day before the event. Fresh clippings from the garden can always make an attractive centerpiece. Stack half the plates on either end of the buffet to allow guests to serve themselves from both sides. Wrap the flatware in napkins to make it more manageable for guests. Set up a separate drink buffet in an area away from the main food buffet. This will help avoid bottlenecks around the buffet table. Ensure plenty of glasses, ice, mixers as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic options are available. Ask the guests to help themselves, otherwise you risk spending the evening tending bar.

Finally, be ready and dressed at least an hour prior to the anticipated arrival of our guests. There’s always one couple that insists on arriving early. Designate an area for coats and purses should the weather be cooler. Finally, take a deep breath and prepare to enjoy your own party. Charge up your camera and take plenty of pictures of memories in the making!




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