Chakra Stones for Inner and Outer Beauty

The differences between Eastern and Western cultures are many, especially when we get into areas such as well-being, health and beauty. The East has many traditions and ideas that are linked with religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, and these are areas that those of us in the West are only really beginning to understand.

Take Yoga, for example; practised for many centuries in the East, it is only in the latter half of the 20th century that it became popular in Western society. The same is true of various forms of meditation, which can have great benefits for the mind and body at once. Then there are the Chakras; seven essential areas of the body each have their own Chakra, which deals with energy transference and helps shape our emotional and physical being. If this is new to you, you need to know more.

The Importance of Chakras

Chakras are rapidly becoming more prominent with those of us in the West as we engage in Eastern practices. After all, those of other cultures have been indulging in balancing the Chakras for centuries and have benefitted greatly from it. It’s not just about feeling good within oneself, for being at peace and having internal well-being can also mean you look beautiful on the outside – balanced Chakras imbue a radiance in the person that is noticeable by one and all, and the feeling is one of satisfaction and achievement.

One method of getting the right balance is to use and wear healing or Chakra stones, and you can wear them as attractive jewellery as well as for this beneficial purpose. There are many different stones that correspond to each Chakra; the Chakras each have a colour, and the designated gem stones match the colour and the frequency of the Chakra itself. As different stones have a different frequency, the right stone with each Chakra is a practical and enjoyable way of achieving the perfect balance.

Energy Centres

If you think of the Chakras as energy centres within the body it gives you a better idea of what the concept is all about. Each Chakra is designed to resonate a certain energy – be it emotional, spiritual or physical – and there needs to be a fine balance between them all to ensure that you feel, and look, as good as you can be. Each of us is different, of course, yet we all have the Chakra energy centres within us, and can achieve this balance by using the stones and other methods.

You should choose your Chakra stones personally. You may find you are drawn to certain stones more than others – they will emit a knowing glow towards you – and feel an energy in their presence. These are the stones that will work best with your Chakras, so choose them carefully and make sure you feel right when around them. Balancing the Chakras with meditation, healing stones and other methods will help achieve ultimate beauty, both inside and out.

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