Common Areas Of Body Where Liposuction is Most Effective

As human beings in general, regardless of gender, the battle against the signs of ageing, liposuction continues to be a very popular cosmetic surgery option throughout the world. If you are not achieving the results you really want from just diet and exercise, it may be time to consider a cosmetic procedure like liposuction.

In the following post, we will highlight some of the most common areas of the body that liposuction is most effective on. Before that, we will briefly touch upon what happens when you go for liposuction.

How Does It Work?

You have to attend a consultation appointment with a cosmetic surgeon in the beginning, who will thoroughly assess whether you are an ideal candidate or not. They will also help you to determine where on the body, you’d benefit most from the procedure. When the day of your surgery comes around, you will be given a general anaesthetic or IV sedation, before the surgeon makes small incisions into the areas to be treated. With tiny tubes or cannulas, the surgeon will then gently begin to use suction to remove fat cells, being careful to not damage the tissue surrounding them.

Although in the traditional form of liposuction, the surgeon would have to loosen the fat cells before removing them, with the new technique ultrasound or laser can be used to liquefy the fat cells before suction.

Common Areas Where Liposuction is Used

You can have liposuction performed on various parts of your body. Since liquefying fat cells means you can be incredibly precise, ultrasound and laser are best used for smaller parts of the body. One of the only parts of the body liposuction is not suitable for is around the eyes. However, skilled surgeons can perform them on most other parts.

Some of the most common places, therefore, include:


The most popular area to use liposuction is the abdomen. When you lose a lot of weight, the stomach often continues to cause problems because it still remains stretched out from when it was accommodating the fat you lost. Liposuction, therefore, can help you to have a more proportionate-sized body.

Additionally, after giving birth, women find it hard to shift the excess fat that surrounds their stomachs. This is even after they lose much of the weight they put on while they were pregnant.


A large number of women have trouble with thighs, even with adequate exercise and a healthy diet, fat has a tendency of settling into the thigh area. Although it can be used on the inside of the thighs, doctors often prefer to use it on the outside of the thighs, since there is thicker skin there making it easier to be successful.

Upper Arm

Another place where women suer from fatty deposits that are hard to shift is in their upper arms. Even with dieting and weight exercises, it is difficult to remove this fat. Therefore, liposuction is one of the best options for women with troublesome upper arm fat.

Under The Chin

When both men and women get older, fat starts to accumulate under the chin area, even if their weight overall has not changed. As liposuction works well on small parts of the body, it is ideal for under chin.

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