Could an Experience Day Be the Best Form of Gift?


We all know the feeling of finding it hard to get hold of the ideal gift for someone special. Even with the seemingly infinite possibilities offered by the internet it can still seem almost impossible to find the perfect item. You might hunt high and low but do you often end up buying the same, tired old gifts?

This is why I was interested to see a Belle News piece recently on the subject of choosing an experience style gift. The article starts by pointing out that experience days have traditionally been seen as a rather expensive idea that costs more than you might like to spend on a birthday gift. It then goes on to show that is no longer the case, so what has changed to make this something we can all now seriously consider?

One of the important points covered in the piece is that experience days are no longer such specialist things as they once were, giving the example of how flying lessons used to be simply aimed at people who want to become pilots. These days it is the kind of experience that anyone can enjoy if they want to put some thrills in their life.

More Affordable Than You Might Think

The emergence of companies such as In to the Blue has helped to make this sort of experience something that can be enjoyed as a fun day out. The fact that the prices are now far more affordable than you might think helps further, as many of the most interesting experience days now fall into the sort of price range that people are happy to pay for an unforgettable gift for a loved one. The fact that special offers and 2 for 1 deals are frequently available means that it can be an even smarter purchase at times.

The variety of different experience days now available help to make choosing one easier than ever. From car racing to spa days and from abseiling to scuba diving, the range is now impressively wide and varied.  In fact, some of the most popular experience days are really simple, such as going for a meal in restaurant, getting some cookery lessons or getting a facial treatment.

A Very Flexible Gift

Perhaps what most attracts many people to the idea of an experience day gift is the fact that it is a very flexible way of giving a special person a treat. The deals usually give the receiver of the gift voucher the flexibility of choosing exactly when to use it. This makes this an ideal gift for someone who lives a busy life and maybe needs to wait a while before fitting in the sort of fun activity that can brighten up their year. Giving someone one of these gift vouchers could even be just what they need to enjoy a weekend they might normally have allowed to slip past without doing anything special. In fact, these experience days sound so good that you might decide to treat yourself to one and give yourself a special day out as well.

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