How to Create a Spa Experience in Your Very Own Bathroom

We can’t always afford a real spa experience at a big posh spa, so occasionally we have to improvise. This post is going to help you to create a spa experience in your very own bathroom using the right elements, so you feel just as relaxed and content as you would in a real spa:


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Low Lighting

You need to have low lighting so you feel perfectly relaxed. It’s up to you how low you go, just make sure you can see what you’re doing!

Lots of Candles

Whether you use a couple of nice smelling Yankee candles or loads of little tea lights is up to you too. Tea lights can help to create a magical atmosphere!

Aromatherapy Oils

You can put a few drops of aromatherapy oil in your bath to help lift you up and give you a sense of well being. Research what they do to make the right choice.

Plenty of Bubble Bath

You need loads of bubbles in a spa bath, so don’t be shy and pour a good dollop under the warm running water.

Relaxing Bath Salts

Bath salts can help to relax your aching muscles and get you ready for bed, so add a handful of those to feel brand new and rejuvenated!


Relaxing music is the perfect way to pretend you’re in a real spa. You can use a CD player, Mp3 player on a speaker, or your mobile phone on a speaker (or by itself, if it’s loud enough!). You can find lots of ready made playlists on Spotify so you can just hop straight into the bath and enjoy!

Exfoliate First

Before you begin relaxing in the bath, exfoliate your body using your favourite exfoliant or a body brush. This will help circulation, give you a glow, and reveal new skin cells. It’ll also help your body to absorb the goodness of the oils and moisturising products much more effectively.

Apply a Detoxifying Face Mask

Apply a detoxifying face mask so you can lie back, relax, and let the mixture do its job. You can buy a face mask for a fairly cheap price from Superdrug, or you can make your own by mixing ingredients you probably already have in your house! You could even apply a hair mask at this point.


Now you can simply lie back and relax for as long as you feel necessary. Keep topping the bath up with hot water if you need to! If you have a hot tub style bath, this will really help you to emulate the spa experience.


When it’s time to leave the bath, don’t turn the lights on and blow out the candles straight away. Dab yourself dry, and apply a lovely, rich moisturiser in firm, circular movements all over your body. You can then put on a warm, fluffy dressing gown and spa slippers before tidying up and relaxing with a good book!

You’ll love the tranquil feeling you get as you float around after your home spa experience – enjoy!


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