Diamond Cuts 101: All You Need to Know

Although few people understand why they know; everybody knows the slogan a diamond is forever and how many month’s salary one should pay for one – yet so few understand how they are cut. Let’s demystify diamond cuts together, shall we?

A lot has changed in the diamond industry over the last several decades, and perhaps the most innovative change to the industry is not so much about how diamonds are cut, or how they are marketed – but instead that diamonds can now be produced and manufactured, instead of simply harvested as before.

Only behind artificially producing diamonds are diamond cuts to be considered a somewhat changed process from the early days of diamond cutting. Hundreds of years ago diamonds were cut exclusively with special physical cutting materials and saws; however, today diamonds can be cut with laser precision.

The process of using lasers to cut diamonds has dramatically enhanced and increased the level of complexity to which diamonds can be shaped and fashioned into unique pieces of art.

What are the most common cuts expressly used for first-class diamond engagement rings in the UK? Let’s take a look.

The quality of the diamond cut has a direct correlation to the value of said diamond; the angles used during cutting, the number of cuts, and the proportion of each cut give way to any given diamonds perceived value. The more light the diamond reflects, the higher its grade.

The most popular diamond cuts in the industry are as follows!

Round brilliant

The most popular diamond cut in the world is the round brilliant diamond cut, with research suggesting that three quarters of all diamonds shipped are cut this way.

Princess shape

Only behind the round brilliant diamond cut does the Princess shape diamond cut rank for highest perceived value. The reason for this is because the Princess shape diamond cut reflects almost as much light as the round brilliant diamond cut.

Other common shapes

Beyond the round brilliant cut in the Princess shape cut, the most popular diamond cuts include: Asscher, oval, pear, Emerald, cushion, marquise, heart, and the radiant diamond cuts.

There are a number of different diamond cuts that are exclusive to the diamond industry and exclusive to the diamond producer themselves. Yes, it appears that in today’s day and age just about anything can be patented and that applies to diamond cuts as well.

The most popular proprietary branded cuts are as follows: the patented Jupiter cut has five sides, a half Dutch Rose cut has six sides, both the Queen and the Baroness have eight sides, and the bead to cut looks exactly like a disco ball.

Beyond these cuts there are others that are much rarer because they have much less demand than other cuts. Some of the names of these diamond cut styles include; the tulip, boat shaped rose, genesistar, bullet, and fan. The value of these cuts can be pretty much dictated by the companies would make them, and just like the rest of the diamond industry values are tightly controlled.


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