Essential Care Tips for Your Body Piercing in Sydney

Sydney is one of Australia‘s largest cities, with a growing population of 5.23 million people. The city was once inhabited by indigenous tribes where body piercing was a common sign of social status. Australia‘s wonderful history points to jewellery implants as one of the widely popular and accepted forms of body modification. It has grown to become part of society and pervades as an accepted fashion statement.

If you are convinced about having a session of body piercing in Sydney, understanding its primary care will remove the prospects of any possible localised infection. Caring for your body is essential before and after having the piercing done, so the wound heals properly.

A New Craze Hitting the Australian Fashion Scene

Body piercing is part of the new craze hitting Sydney with more and more people looking to have their bodies decorated.        The media has influenced its acceptance with most celebrities having multiple body piercings.

Sydney, being the capital of the country, is the epicentre of fashion and the modification trend has become a lifestyle. Different parts of your body can be pierced to reflect your unique personality and style. It includes the nose, lip, nipple, and ear, among others.

If you have just had your piercing done, preparing for it to heal quickly is essential to prevent any possible infections. Speeding the healing process means cleaning the pierced area every day and doing all the necessary precaution to avoid exposing the fresh wound to bacteria.

Self-care Tips for a New Body Piercing

One factor that will help speed up the natural healing process of a new body piercing is not to irritate the surrounding skin. More often, infections happen only when people keep on touching the area. Irritating the skin reopens the wound and exposes it to bacteria, slowing down the healing period.

Some of the best ways to speed up the healing of your body piercing in Sydney include:

  • When cleaning the pierced area, keep your hands sterile by using a mild soap.
  • Never try to peel hardened and crusty scabs.
  • Dip a paper towel into a saline solution and soak the pierced area for at least 5 minutes.
  • Wash the area with soap and water to remove any contaminants.
  • Carefully dry the area with a clean piece of cloth or napkin.
  • Clean the pierced area not more than twice a day.

Chemicals You Should Never Use for Your Cleaning Routine

Professional body piercing artists always recommend staying with the basics when cleaning your new body modification accessories. Using a gentle soap and saline solution always helps to keep the pierced area clean.

Aside from that, it is always essential to leave the piercing alone. It is also not advisable to use soaps and disinfectants containing harsh ingredients like benzalkonium chloride or BZK. This chemical is commonly found in over-the-counter cleaning agents which not only irritates the piercing but also delays healing.

Promoting a Faster Healing Process

If you want your body piercing to heal fast, you need to keep it dry throughout the day. This means keeping dirt and sweat away from the wound site to prevent bacterial build-up. It is critical never to spray fragrances on the healing area or put make-up on the wounded site.

Body piercings are wonderful modification accessories that allow you to display your personality and uniqueness. It is one of the most beautiful cultures that people inherited from their ancestors.

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