The All Essential Guide To Being Boho Chic

Fashion has always been an important aspect of contemporary culture; however, in recent decades the issue of fashion has moved beyond the runways and become an element in all areas of modern society. Nowadays, there are numerous trends being followed in every area of the globe and these trends change as soon as they arrive. To stand out as a unique individual, it is important to find a trend and, in the fashion world, “work it, baby”! One of the most popular fashion trends focusing on individuality and the means of expressing personality is the bohemian style of dressing. This fashion style stems from the hippie and gypsy culture of the 1960s with flowing robes and an accompanied flowing mindset. This article will provide insight into the bohemian fashion style and some top tips on how to be boho chic.

When choosing a particular style of fashion, it is important to not only try all the styles but at least observe each one to see if your personality fits. If you are one that is exploring the bohemian designs, the chances are that you have examined the more contemporary fashions and are intrigued by the less formal or stringent techniques. The good news is that this free-flowing ideal is not only a fun and drifting style, but with the fashionista and celebrities embracing it bohemian design has become a chic trend. Sienna Miller was a fashion icon who found bohemian clothing particular exciting and would constantly adorn the jewelry, belts, and dresses that fall into the category of boho chic.

The way to embrace boho chic-ness is to locate and explore the accessories used in the fashion category. Bold accessories are the most popular alternative in the bohemian world with heavy belts, boots, chains, and over-sized earrings. Imagine the 1960s hippies with their long earrings and wide belts; then imagine wearing those over several layers of earthy toned material and you have bohemian styling. The long necklaces of the hippies and gypsies paired with these scarves and over-stated earrings are some of the most prominent styling in bohemian fashion making them essentials in any boho chic wardrobe.

It is important to note, and hardly necessary to discuss, that the fabrics are as significant as the accessories. To become a bohemian it is vital that you embrace the earliness of the bohemian culture. Rich fabrics, such as lace and brocade, are some of the most popular alternatives for both winter and summer designs. Gray, purple, green, and mustard yellows should be considered when draped against black t-shirts and sweaters. The feminine flowing look is a desirable appearance for the ensemble and this can be achieved by using skirts and culottes instead of floor-length dresses. If, however, you are more attracted to heavier fabrics such as velvet or tweed, you could use these as undertones increasing their “bohemian-ness” with some relevant bold accessories. The exciting aspect of boho chic is that there are no rules. This fashion culture is about self-expression and anything goes.

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