What Every Girl Needs to Know About Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is something that all girls claim they want at some point or another…but whether they actually need/want the surgery is a different story. Women are prone to finding things wrong with themselves, but the majority of the time those things aren’t anything to worry about. In this guide, we’ve got everything a girl could possibly need to know about cosmetic surgery:


It Isn’t a Quick Fix

Cosmetic surgery is never a quick fix, no matter what you don’t like about yourself. You need to take it very seriously, understand the risks you’re taking and weigh up the pros and cons. You should never go into it lightly!

You Should Use it As a Last Resort

Cosmetic surgery should only be considered after you’ve tried everything else possible. For example, if you’re considering a tummy tuck, you should first try a healthy balanced diet and exercise to get your tummy looking good. It’ll take longer, but it won’t cost you as much and there aren’t any risks!

It Can Be Addictive

Cosmetic surgery can be addictive, especially for girls who aren’t happy with their appearance in the first place. It’s very easy to end up having several breast augmentations, nose jobs, lipo, and other jobs in order to try to achieve the ‘perfect’ look. These people will never be happy.

You Need to Have the Right Attitude

As mentioned above, it’s important to have the right attitude when approaching cosmetic surgery. It won’t make you perfect, and it won’t necessarily make you happy either. Have realistic expectations about what surgery can do for you.

There are Risks and Dangers Involved

Depending on the procedure you’re considering, there are different risks and dangers involved. Make sure you’re aware of every single one of them, so you can think up a plan of action should one of them occur. How will you cope? Breast augmentation surgery can have a number of risks involved, so you’ll need to be prepared for them.

You May End up Needing More Treatment

Any problems with the surgery can mean you need another operation or even more treatment in order to correct/complete the surgery.

It’ll Take Time to Heal

In most cases, you’ll need to take sufficient time to heal in order to get the best results. You may have to take time off work which could result in loss of earnings, and you might not be able to socialise for some time due to bruising/swelling/pain.

The Result May Not Look as You Hoped

Although the surgeon will be able to show you an expected result, it may not always go as planned. You should never expect ‘perfection’ either, as this can not be achieved with surgery.

You Can’t Always Copy Your Favourite Celebrity’s Look

You might love Eva Longoria’s nose, but that nose may not suit your other features or look as good on you as it does on Eva. You should never insist that your surgeon copies a certain celebrity. By all mean take pictures so your surgeon can explain to you what to expect from your individual operation, but do not expect to wake up looking like Eva Longoria.

If you’re serious about surgery, then the main thing is selecting the right surgeon to perform your treatment. Remember, it’s the surgeon you must trust, not the clinic, so choose wisely!

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