Get the Glow – Gleamin Turmeric Clay Mask Makes It Easy for Your Skin

It’s no secret that turmeric is one of the top choices for remedies to get the flawless, glowing-looking skin that we yearn for. But what’s the deal with all the buzz with turmeric anyway? Is it that good for your skin?

Why turmeric benefits my skin?

The yellow spice powder that we know as turmeric is sure is one miracle spice that nature has blessed us with. Not only the bright shade gives the color that people can use traditionally to color their clothes, but it also benefits the overall health and the beauty of our skin are simply remarkable.

Anti-inflammatory, boost your immune system, clear out troubled skin – these are just some of the benefits when you include the wonder spice in your everyday routine, be it consuming it or applying the turmeric paste topically. Hence, it’s a reason why DIY recipes using turmeric for the skin is so popular.

Not only it works as a glow booster to your skin; turmeric contains plenty of antioxidants and properties to deal with troubled skin such as acne breakouts and acne scars, overall redness, wrinkles, and even people having serious skin issues such as psoriasis. Indeed, turmeric is an all-rounder beauty ingredient that is simply a must-have if you’re serious about improving the beauty and health of your skin.

And don’t worry, turmeric has low bio-availability properties, meaning your body (in this case, your skin) can absorb just a tiny amount of the spice before purging it out the rest. So yes, there’s no harm in using the spice as part of your skincare routine – a simple mix of the yellow powder with a bit of water to make the paste is the basic form of turmeric face mask for your skin.

But honestly, would you be interested in the turmeric face mask is already prepared for you and loaded with other ingredients that are also beneficial for your skin?

Gleamin turmeric clay mask makes it easier for you

Yep, the Gleamin turmeric clay mask is formulated with key ingredients such as Kaolin Australian Clay, kale extract, aloe vera juice, finger lime, organic oils such as castor, grapeseed, Jasmine and bergamot essential oil, vitamin E, as well as turmeric powder and extract to name a few.

Each ingredient is specially formulated to work in sync to improve the state of your skin – think uneven texture and skin tone, dark spots and pigmentation, detoxify and drawing out impurities and healing the skin, as well as giving you a visible, bare-faced glow.

And using the clay mask is so easy; all you need to do is to apply the clay mask to your skin using a Brightening Brush™ provided in the box and wait for 10 minutes before washing it off with warm water.

Expect visible results in just a couple of weeks. Suitable for all skin types.

Seriously, you don’t have to waste more time to mix a turmeric face mask by yourself, now that you got a Gleamin turmeric clay mask. I guess that’s why the face mask is sold out like four months in a row now because it’s convenient and it works!

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