How beauty bloggers let their hair down

IMG_4463[1]With all these useful and fascinating blogs on beauty and fashion now available on the web, you can be forgiven for wondering what the bloggers do to unwind. After all, if you spend your working life immersed in skincare or cosmetic tips, or hints on style trends, it’s important to have alternative life interests that help you relax and, preferably, have nothing to do with your day job. Here are a few examples of pastimes that are interesting and pertinent to bloggers in these creative sectors, and that many choose to pursue in their downtime.


Beauty blogging involves working with words of course, so it’s a really appealing change to switch to anything that offers visual alternatives, for example painting, drawing, sculpting and photography. Photography is particularly attractive to many beauty bloggers because it enables you to connect with and understand the power of great images. Also it’s fun and often magical to see the world from a different perspective. Learning to experiment and sharing ideas with a like-minded community makes for a fascinating hobby and a positive wind down experience.

Interior design

Since beauty and fashion are concerned with design, in the sense that you expect cosmetics and fashion styles to enhance your appearance, so beauty bloggers can have a field day playing with design ideas for interiors instead. Although this may seem like a different medium, taking a creative approach is what links design to fashion. This includes choosing your favourite colour palettes for walls and floors, enjoying playing with textiles and seeking out craft items to put the finishing touches to your ideas, thus creating the effect you want.


When it comes to crafts,despite the recession, the craft industry has enjoyed continued growth during the past few years and the rise of online craft retail sites has opened up the opportunity for craftworkers and fans to make and sell their own creative products. The impact of technology is not lost on the craft field either – multichannel communications makes it easier to find crafting tutorials online, and to share and even sell works via social media. The digital and mobile world is also making a difference – digital crafting tools for smartphones, tablets or computers are just as effective as their paper-based counterparts.

Online fun and gaming

In the same way as crafting is benefitting from technology, so too are traditional games, including Scrabble, as well as bingo and slots. Many women take advantage of modern technology to play bingo online at sites such as Winner Bingo. offers a variety of different types of bingo as well as slots. Creative bloggers, just like everyone else, can enjoy the challenge of playing and the multiple opportunities to win prizes. There is also a social aspect to Winner Bingo with many players taking part in the chat rooms.

If you blog about fashion, makeup or skincare, for example, why not relax by taking up a new hobby and exploring photography, interior design, craftwork and online opportunities for gaming. It’s nice when your creative instincts can be incorporated, however, sometimes it’s just as important to let your hair down completely and try something very different indeed.

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