How to Choose an Engagement Ring that Stands Out



The selection process for engagement rings is arguably one of the most complex buying experiences there is. This is especially true for men who complete the purchase as a surprise for the intended fiancée. The amount of options and varying opinions on what makes an engagement ring beautiful can really complicate the process.

A great way to go about deciding what ring your intended will love without spoiling the surprise, is to pay attention to hints along the way (comments she makes about other girls’ rings, compliments paid, opinions offered) as well as to see if she uses any form of social media to document things she likes – including engagement rings.

Another great piece of advice for the guys out there shopping for rings is to keep in mind that the classics became classics for a reason.  The solitaire diamond engagement ring is the all-time most popular engagement ring style to ever exist.  The single row engagement ring features a single larger center stone as the focal point, but offers added sparkle thanks to the single row of accent stones on either side of the center stone.  The vintage style engagement ring is another winner for women who love intricate details in the form of metalwork in addition to the center stone and accent stones.

What if you’re trying to find that perfect marriage of popularity and uniqueness? One great way is to select a style that has stood the test of time and been well loved, but add a twist of individuality by choosing a center stone other than the traditional round. The cushion cut engagement ring for example, is a stunning choice for those who want something different without moving too far away from our traditional idea of what is beautiful. When you take a cushion cut lab-created diamond or diamond simulant and set it in a well-loved engagement ring style, you’ll have the best of both worlds.  Some other sparkling center stone choices that will set your engagement ring apart from the rest are oval, radiant and marquise cut stones.  These are all choices that offer loads of sparkle, while being far from humdrum.

If you’re still concerned that it’s too difficult to choose a ring without her, but you’re determined to make your proposal a surprise, work with your jeweler to ensure that you understand the exchange process and have the option to swap it out later with her input if needed.  Keep in mind the burden this can put on jewelers that hand craft each piece to order.  You’ll want to make every effort to purchase a ring you believe she’ll love, and use the exchange option only as a last resort.

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