Importance of Wearing the Right Face Mask

Nowadays, everyone wears face coverings to prevent airborne particulates from getting to someone else’s skin. With the surge of coronavirus cases, people should be aware of the importance of wearing the proper face mask. It may seem insignificant for ordinary individuals, but these are unprecedented times. And by putting on face covering, it makes a significant difference in helping to stop disease transmission.

Airborne particles

Learning how these airborne particles can give someone a critical illness, despite its size, is imperative. That way, people can realise that even if they measure in microns, these particulates that float in the air can get to someone quickly.

These particles that have 10 microns or smaller are the most dangerous to the respiratory system. The average droplet from a person’s sneeze has more than 10 microns. Viruses generally have .12 microns, which is way smaller than 10. Hence, medical professionals strongly urge the public to use masks and cover their nose and mouth.

Surgical mask

Healthcare workers are the typical people who wear surgical masks to safeguard themselves from bodily fluids like blood from getting into their mouth and nose. Also, these face coverings will keep them safe from anyone who sneezes or coughs, which can potentially transmit bad bacteria and viruses. Anyone will touch them at some point as they perform their hospital rounds, and the face mask will be a barrier to these people who have touched something before their encounter.

These types of surgical masks use a porous cloth or an artificial fibre, which may still have slightly bigger openings for tiny particulates to get through. Thus, physicians always recommend staying home if someone is already too sick.

N95 mask

The N95 face mask provides heavy protection on the lungs from pollens, dust, fumes and other airborne particles, as it is a kind of respirator that filters particulates from the breathable air. This type of face-covering has several types, which are also disposable, and they have categories based on their filtration ability. The majority of these masks can filter tiny particles with a size of .03 microns and below.

For medical workers, especially during this time of the pandemic, using N95 provides higher protection from floating airborne particles. Although, this type of face mask is not typically worn on the streets compared to the surgical mask. The public can still get protection from those ordinary face coverings.

Final Word

Whether it is a heavy-duty face covering or regular face mask, individuals should learn the proper way of wearing it. Some types come with two stretchable straps to secure it on the face properly, and N95 is one of these. On the other hand, the surgical mask has a loop on each side so users can slip them on each ear. Its tightness may not be similar to the one on the N95, but it still helps secure the face-covering in place.

When buying facial masks, it is imperative to buy the right size. Generally, it has a fits-all size for adults. Young children and teens have to wear those that are adjustable; otherwise, it will just slip off easily. Of course, keep it tight enough since it can also be uncomfortable and may leave marks on the face. It is highly advisable to dispose of these face coverings after 45 minutes of wearing them.

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