Instantly Look Younger With These Effective Tips

Did you know that you can roll back the years and make your skin look younger almost instantly? It’s true! You may need to make a few small changes, but it can definitely be done. Try these methods and see if you look 10 years younger:


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Change Your Diet

Take a close look at your diet and see if you can make any changes. Going all gung-ho straight away might make things impossible to stick to, so don’t make it too unsustainable for yourself to begin with. You could start by simply cutting down on the amount of sugar you have in your tea, and limiting the sweets and chocolate you consume. Gradually you can improve until your diet is perfect, with lots of vegetables and healthy food included.

Cut Out Dehydrating Food Stuffs

There are things people consume on a daily basis that can be terribly dehydrating. Coffee can be dehydrating unless you’re rehydrating with water afterwards, so make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. Cut down on your consumption of alcohol, and make sure you quit smoking.

Kick Bad Habits to the Curb

As mentioned before, smoking and drinking is dehydrating. However, they can have other adverse effects on the body. They can add wrinkles and lines before our years, and increase the chance of getting seriously ill. You don’t want that, do you? What’s the point in looking young if you aren’t healthy on the inside?! Cut down and eventually kick your bad habits to the curb for the best effect.

Give Yourself a Facial

Giving yourself a weekly facial can be a lifesaver, especially if you haven’t got the cash to go to the salon each week. Use products suited to your skin type, and make sure you apply a face mask especially for aging skin. This Royal Nectar Bee Venom mask is a good example. You can apply your face cream with circular massage movements to help encourage the smoothing of your lines.

Wear Makeup Suited to Your Skin

Many women don’t wear makeup perfectly suited to their skin. This has many drawbacks, one of them being looking older. If you’re unsure, go for a makeover at a makeup counter. You could even just ask for some advice. The goal should be to look naturally beautiful by enhancing the features you have – not covering them!

Learn How to Apply Your Makeup

Once you have makeup that suits you, you need to know how to apply it. Somebody at a makeup counter should be happy to give you advice on how to do this, but you could just watch videos on Youtube. Although these girls may not be professionals, you can see they know what they’re talking about. By applying just a spot of makeup, you could take years off your face and still look natural.

These tips will shave years off your age. You could also consider whitening your teeth, as these often make us look older than we are when discoloured. Do you have any great tips? Feel free to leave a comment!

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