Is Vaping Becoming a New Global Trend with Models?

When you take a look at home much trends have changed in the 21st century, it becomes clearer that we are all aiming for a healthier, safer and more considered lifestyle. In all walks of life we pay attention to not only our own health, but that of others, and some trends have become distinctly out of favour, and largely for this reason.

Take smoking, once a very popular habit and now seen only in select places, and in very few public or private buildings. The health risks surrounding smoking became very well known – and clear and proven – in the latter part of the 20th century, and across the world there were moves to discourage it, including bans in some countries. But for those people who enjoy a smoke – and there are many – there is an alternative.

Vaping is safe – not just for the user but for those around them – and gives the same kick you would get with a cigarette, and as our title suggests, is fast becoming a global trend for people who like to be seen!

Vaping and Glamour

Take a trip back a few decades, say to the 1960’s and 1970’s, and watch a few Hollywood films. Or even take in the odd soap opera, or drama series. You’ll find plenty of scenes in which the main characters – both men and women – light up a cigarette. Now, you will find that only in period films or TV programmes, and even then on a limited basis.

Smoking was once glamorous – in the early days of advertising it was often a seductive woman who promoted cigarettes, or a macho man – but nowadays is frowned upon. But what about vaping? In many ways vaping is a different concept, especially when it comes to the flavours and juices you can buy, and we are seeing models, actors and actresses, and many other prominent public figures vaping. This is because, unlike smoking tobacco, vaping is not only perfectly legal, but is a great way to enjoy a smoke, and is also an excellent method of coming off the harmful, traditional tobacco cigarette.

Flavours and Fun

The fact that vape juices come in a vast array of flavours is certainly part of the appeal, as is the fact you are producing only water vapour. Whereas the previous choice was most likely cigarettes or menthol cigarettes, if you check the range of vape juices and other accessories at Smoking Things you will find that the choice is practically endless.

With a range of everything from candy to fruit, through coffee flavours to traditional tobacco juices, you have a choice that is simply comprehensive, and you begin to see why vaping is rapidly becoming the smoking trend of choice for those in the limelight, and also for everyone else who wants to enjoy a safe smoking environment.

If you want to be the one who sets the trends, check out vaping accessories right now and see just how you can enjoy smoking without the risks, and look the part too.

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