Jewelry Trends That Are Set to Continue

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Like fashion, trends in jewelry are constantly changing and coming back around. Whether it’s pearls, diamonds or unusual jewelry, some trends stick around for longer than others, with certain trends becoming classic and timeless, no matter which time period you’re in. This year has seen a number of different jewelry trends rise in popularity, and it doesn’t look like they’re set to disappear any time soon. If you’re looking for a jewelry trend that you’ll be able to wear for years to come, look no further than these trends which are taking the world of fashion by storm.

Remembrance Jewelry

If you are grieving the loss of a loved one or pet who has passed away, this jewelry trend provides you with the perfect way of remembering them and keeping their memory close to you for the rest of your life. Heart in Diamond takes the ashes or hair of a departed loved one and makes them into lovingly crafted jewelry items such as necklaces, bracelets or rings creating an accessory which you can wear anywhere to make sure that your loved one is with you at all times. Not only can this be something lovely to purchase for yourself, it also makes a very touching gift idea.

Vintage Jewelry

Vintage jewelry is a trend that has been around over the years, with no plans to go anywhere any time soon. This year, there’s been a significant rise in the amount of vintage jewelry purchased, especially with so many brides to be preferring to have a unique, timeless engagement or wedding ring rather than a generic one bought from a jewelry shop. Vintage jewelry gives you the chance to wear a little piece of history, with many vintage jewelry pieces being painstakingly hand crafted with intricate and beautiful detail.

White Gold Jewelry

Although sometimes expensive, white gold jewelry pieces can be matched to almost any outfit, making them great pieces of investment jewelry which can last you a long time. If you’re looking for a jewelry piece that you’ll be able to wear for the rest of your life, white gold is an excellent choice as not only is it great quality which lasts, it’s also hugely versatile and you’ll be able to wear it almost anywhere and anytime.

Tribal Jewelry

Relatively new to the Western world, tribal jewelry has been around for centuries. Recently, there has been a huge upsurge of tribal jewelry seen on the runways and a number of major fashion shows, with bright colors and interesting patterns making for some really beautiful and unusual accessories. A favorite amongst a number of celebrities, tribal and Aztec inspired jewelry may be a trend that some like more than others, but it’s definitely going to be around for a while.

Whether you prefer simple jewelry or like to stand out from the crowd with interesting and unusual statement pieces, these jewelry trends include a little bit of everything to suit differing tastes and preferences. Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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