Jogger Madness! The History of the Adult and Baby Jogger Pants


If I could kiss the inventor of jogger pants, I would! My son is short and stocky for his age. The only jeans that he can wear are joggers. They are super stretchy and there’s no need for me to do any tight rolling, which looks rather awkward with his sneakers (and slightly ridiculous since we are no longer in the early 90’s). Since I’m not a sewer, there’s no way I was going to hem each pair of his pants either. Bless the day I discovered jogger jeans.

As an adult, I also love wearing my joggers. While they took a time or two for me to get the styling right, I now get lots of compliments when wearing my black pushed up pants. The perfect combination of urban-casual edge; the pants really do work for most body types and heights. Wearing them, I feel they are a total throwback to my childhood. I vividly remember pushing up all of my stretch pants and denim-after all, how could anyone run around if their jeans were dragging? With that being said, the person who created joggers are totally genius.

If you are a fan of the jogger, whether for yourself, your baby, or both; read on to learn about the history of these trendy and ultra-comfortable pants.

What are Jogger Pants?

Jogger pants are pants (composed of any material, really) that have clingy, elastic bottoms. Sometimes, the bottoms are gathered and pushed up, making them have a ruched look. Other times, they are just straight and stretchy. Regardless, jogger pants can be worn full length or pushed up a bit, and the best part? They stay put!

Who Created Jogger Pants?

The term, “jogger pants” was coined by fashion fanatic, Michael Huynh. Owner of Publish Brand, his trademarked label is widely used and his design is highly mimicked and coveted by many other brands today.

Huynh’s good friend, Alex James suggested he play around with sweatpants to design them in a way that keeps their comfort, yet makes them more wearable in public. After all, no one likes to wear big, baggy, or super skinny cuts of these pants. Together, the duo decided to streamline the pant and use a brushed fleece fabric.

The team copied a favorite designer, Marc Jacobs; who seemed to be on the mark when it came to revamping these cozy pants. After bouncing around some ideas, they sent their “jogger” design off to Europe to get created. Featured in colors like black, gray, navy, and maroon; the neutral toned pants got shipped back in the wrong fabric.

Instead of a soft fleece, the pants were made in a twill fabric. Upset at first, the designer friends started to reconsider their feelings and loved the fact that the pants were so streamlined and unique.

After flopping when put on the market at first; the team didn’t give up. With the help of some staging and marketing techniques, the pants were portrayed as being wearable by a stylish, but manly man. Guys could rock the pants wearing a t-shirt, sneakers, and still look stylish yet rugged and sporty.

The team also spent a lot of time educating the fashion world and public about how the joggers can pair nicely with certain brands of shoes. Slowly but surely, the pants and their personality started to take off, and sales skyrocketed.

The rest, they say, is history.

The Jogger Pant Today

Today, jogger pants take on several silhouettes and aren’t just worn by men. Women love to look casual chic in a denim or nylon jogger. They are worn everywhere-from the gym, to brunch, and even work.

Because joggers are so versatile and comfortable, the trend carried over into the baby and kids clothing world. Nothing looks more adorable than a little one walking around in jogger pants and a denim jacket.

Children love to play in these pants because they don’t get in the way, they are easy to slip on and off (great for potty training), and for children with shorter legs (like my little love), they are ideal and accommodating. You can find examples of current toddler and baby joggers on Bitsy Bug Boutique.

The whole world has jogger madness. I find it funny that these pants were created out of error. Consequently, they are quite the hit today with parents and with children. Available in a wide array of styles, materials, colors, and even textures; there’s a pair of joggers for everyone. How and where will you wear yours?

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