Makeup Tips For Aging Skin

Best-Tips-for-Aging-Skin-Care-4[1]Tired of seeing those wrinkles, fine lines and skin tags jumping out at you in the mirror? Or perhaps you’re amongst those who’ve embraced aging skin conditions as a sign of growing old gracefully.

As your skin grows old, dead cells appear on the surface, the natural exfoliation process slows down, and the texture becomes uneven. All such conditions can make your outlook dull and play down the rest of your appearance.

Thankfully, advanced makeup tips make it possible to enhance your appearance and take care of older skin. The following are some techniques to help you achieve a fresh, youthful look:

Do not apply too much foundation

A thick foundation can easily sap the luminosity of your skin and drape the fine lines. Foundation should only be applied to even out skin discoloration on areas where it is needed. There’s no need to cover every inch of the skin.

Avoid foundations described as long-wearing or matte. Look for those that include liquid formulas and light-diffusing pigments. It’s also important to note that foundation can accentuate skin discoloration and appear patchy on dry skin; so if this is your skin type, exfoliate couple of times a week and use a moisturizer that’s specifically for dry skin.

Hide imperfections such as skin tags

Take a fine-tipped brush and dab a solid concealer over dark spots or blemishes that are visible. A yellow-based foundation is useful in getting rid of redness: it can be applied over any discoloration with your fingers. Then, blur the edges with a damp sponge.

Dermal fillers will treat other skin disorders such as skin tags. The procedure can be used in conjunction with natural skin tag removal products that don’t leave any scarring or pain. Such formulas can be directly applied to areas such as the eyelids (as long as the tag is not too near the eye) and used safely without getting into the eye.

Become friends with a sponge

Planning to hide every imperfection with a foundation? It would be wise to drop those plans. A damp sponge would be your new buddy. Wet the sponge, squeeze out the water, and place foundation on your hand’s back. Use the tip to pick the foundation and apply it in circular motions on your face.

Between the water becoming thin at rest and the sponge absorbing some foundation, the result will be sheer coverage that’s optimal. However, you may need to blend with your fingers, but the point is that it won’t look opaque or cakey.

Show of those bones

After years of isolating the apples of your cheeks by smiling in the mirror, it’s time to lay back and give it some rest. You’re likely to lose fat in the skin of your face as you age, so take advantage of that by rubbing a blush in along the highest point of your cheekbones. This will make your bone structure stand out.

Go for a cream based blush if you have dry skin. However, choose gel or powder blushes in case of normal skin. For inspiration, opt for a color that matches your cheeks when they are naturally blushing.

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